Thursday, January 3, 2013

Poetic Justice?


Happy New Year everyone! Your joyful Peasant
is doubled over laughing at this great little story
that came to light the week of Christmas. We're
starting the new year off on a mirthful note!
Here's what's tickling your favorite Peasant silly;
come laugh along with me!

David Gregory, host of the longtime Washington
D.C.-based news show "Meet the Press" and
gun-control advocate, is being investigated by
the Washington Metropolitan Police for a potential
violation of our nation's capital's gun laws. You
read that right, my sharp-as-razors readers!
Gregory interviewed National Rifle Association
(NRA) CEO Wayne LaPierre on Gregory's show
in the aftermath of the mass shooting of 26 people,
20 of whom were children, at Sandy Hook Elemen-
tary School in Newtown, Connecticut on December
14. On this edition of his show, the host exhibited
a high-capacity rifle magazine, capable of carrying
30 rounds of ammunition --- and a big no-no to
possess in D.C. The tragedy in Newtown sparked
a campaign for new and tighter existing gun control
laws, including federal laws, with President Obama
taking the "point man" position in urging Congress
to pass bans on what gun control advocates term
"assault weapons" (really, there are no such fire-
arms specifically called such; any weapon, or
object that can be used as a weapon, can be
considered an "assault weapon" as the item in
question can indeed be used to assault someone).
Well, Gregory made the argument on his show
that day that if firearms could have their capacities
reduced to, say, fifteen rounds, or perhaps ten, then
there would be less carnage as had occurred at
Sandy Hook. LaPierre stated that this would not
necessarily follow, giving his reasoning to support
his gainsay of Gregory's argument.

Gregory wanted to make a dramatic point, no doubt,
by having this particular item on his show. His
gambit, however, blew up in his face when he 
learned that the D.C. cops wanted a word with him!
As your faithful Peasant types this, a petition to arrest
David Gregory for possession of this rifle magazine
has garnered almost 6,000 signatures by Christmas
Day, needing 19,000 more by January 22 to elicit
an official White House response.

Now, we all have heard of left-wing sorts, being 
gun control supporters to the hilt, owning firearms
and ammo despite their stands on the issue, claiming
that they would give up their guns and bullets when
sufficiently stringent firearms legislation would
finally be passed; remember the late columnist
Carl Rowan, who by the way lived and worked
in Washington D.C.? The fact is, like on so many
other issues, lefties believe in two rules: one for
them, the self-styled elite; another for the peasants,
i.e. the rest of us. And now we see one of their
ranks get put under the same scrutiny as any of
us, the "great unwashed" (in the eyes of the lefty
elite), and could possibly be punished with a
huge fine, plus confiscation of the item in
question, and perhaps even a stint behind bars.
Exquisite! Delicious! Classically ironic! And
falling down funny!

Let us hope that justice shall prevail, and that
David Gregory learns a vital lesson from all
this; that it should not be a crime for law abiding
citizens to have the means of defending themselves,
their families, and their homes and other property
from criminals who, by their very characteristics,
do not and would not obey any laws that restrict
firearms and their accessories. But boy, isn't it
a hoot to see Gregory in hot water over his own
possession of an item that he, and others of his
political bent, begrudge others to own?

Ah, the price of hypocrisy!


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