Thursday, July 18, 2013

Victory for the Unborn in Texas; the Left Loses Again

A bill came up for a vote recently in the Texas legislature
that would curtail a woman's ability to obtain an abortion
if she is beyong 20 weeks pregnant. What followed has
been a true Texas tornado; not of the weather variety
but a political one.

In the first round of the fight in Texas to protect the
lives of unborn babies, the abortion supporters won
with the help of a ten hour filibuster by state Senator
Wendy Davis (D). An unruly crowd of pro-abortion
demonstartors backed Davis to the hilt as the Demo-
crat contingent in the Texas senate, mostly pro-abortion
themselves, succeeded in blocking the bill which the
Texas House passed in June. This bill was drafted
because at this stage of a pregnancy, an unborn baby
can feel pain --- excrutiating pain in particular.
Science and medicine both have shown this to be so,
but it was not enough to sway the abortion backers
present; they would have none of it. The mob of
hecklers for abortion at all stages of pregnancy
outnumebred the peace-keeping officers on duty
in the senate chamber, and they pressed their advantage.
And to ensure their success, some of those in the
unruly assemblage snuck jars of urine and feces
into the chamber, hoping to throw their gross missles
at senators they disagree with on the bill and on
abortion in general. Classy!

But Governor Rick Perry (R) faced down this
travesty. Vowing to sign the measure into law, Perry
called a second special session to give this legislation
a fair hearing in the state Senate, and when it came
up for a vote, it passed. Gov. Perry also made sure
that there would be adequate security on hand to
dissuade any further threatening behavior by an
unruly mob in the chamber that might prevent the
senators from voting freely.

The abortion boosters were not deterred by this,
mind. They escalated their bedlam in the days that
followed by, among other things, sending hateful
messages via Facebook and e-mail to state Sen.
Donna Campbell and her daughter wishing rape
upon both; chanting "Hail Satan" in attempting to
drown out the pro-life supporters gathered in the
Texas capitol singing "Amazing Grace"(!); could
the abortion enthusiasts have been calling on their
source of inspiration for strength? And they
brought along small children, looking to be about
five or six years old by the accounts of people
witnessing this spectacle, pressing them into
carrying signs with slogans such as "Every child
a wanted child" and "If I wanted the government
in my womb, I'd f*** a senator!" Charming!
Let's hope that those dragooned kids had no idea
of what the messages on those signs meant!
Some other youngsters, along with some women,
carried signs with the image of a coat hanger
with a slash through the hanger. Your faithful
Peasant thought that were laws against the
exploitation of children!

Perhaps we should view this rabble in an analytical
manner, as they are clearly in the minority among
Americans on the issue of abortion; a national poll
taken in May shows a clear majority of Americans
desiring to make either all or most abortions illegal,
with 48% of Americans calling themselves "pro-
life" as opposed to 45% taking the "pro-choice"
label. Maybe the hell raisers at the Texas Capitol
are aware of this and this fact makes them desperate.
You know what they say about desperate people!
Besides, many Americans have been sickened and
angered by the accounts of late-term abortionist
Kermit Gosnell and his house of horrors in
Philadelphia; he has been tried in court and could
receive the death penalty for killing some babies that
he couldn't manage to kill while they were still in
the womb, as well as causing the death of one of
the women whose baby he was aborting. He'll at
least receive life in prison without parole, and that
would be enough for your horrified Peasant, as I
have stated in this blog that I am opposed to
capital punishment. At least this butcher won't be
able to destroy any more babies or women.
But to the creeps that gathered in Austin Gosnell
probably is a hero, as is a similar butcher closer
to home in Houston who made the news recently.

In all seriousness, though, the left-wingers carry on
like this as a matter of course. Remember their antics
in Madison over Gov. Walker's quashing of public
employee unions' ability to treat Wisconsin's taxpayers
as their own piggy banks? And their bedlam in Lansing
when Michigan's governor signed the bill that made
Michigan a Right To Work state, thereby clamping
down on all unions' ability to demand that workers
join their ranks in order to hold certain jobs? Maybe
these thuggish louts are merely desperate,
what with the country's populace rejecting their brand
of politics and the steep price to be paid for
implementing their favored policies in both money and
liberty, they are using the one thing that they have left:
threatening behavior. The only card left in their hand
that they now have to play is the bully card.

However, this card didn't get them what they wanted
on abortions after 20 weeks in Texas; it failed them
in trying to scrap Act 10 in Wisconsin; it did them no
good whatsoever in Michigan for preventing that state
from embracing Right To Work. They should know
by now that totalitarianism doesn't work, the people
reject it, and totalitarian tactics won't make it any
easier to bring about totalitarian governance. But let
them continue to behave like rabid degenerates;
they are only making it easier to defeat them, their
favored candidates and their favored legislation,
for the more people see them for what they are,
the less that they will want to have anything to do
with them. Hearts and minds are never won with


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