Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ed Schultz Knows From Hunger on Detroit (and Other Subjects)

A few weeks ago, Ed Schultz, one of the MSNBC
commentators on the political scene, contributed
his two cents as to why Detroit has suffered
economic collapse. Judging his thoughts on the
matter, I'd say that one of the two pennies he
gave is counterfeit and the other badly tarnished.

He posited: "Michigan used to be a symbol of
industrial strength in manufacturing in this country.
But thanks to a lot of Republican policies, the city
is now filing for bankruptcy. Now, it's the largest
public sector bankruptcy in U.S. history, and the
consequences could be devastating if you care
about people ... Roughly 30,000 retired workers
are concerned about their pensions ... Make no
mistake, Detroit is exactly what the Republicans
want. They outsourced manufacturing jobs,
attacked unions, cut public services, and this is
the result. Now they can wipe the slate clean
because now they can start privatizing city

Now, my wonderful readers, your faithful
Peasant has given the reasons why Detroit
is now stony broke just a couple of weeks
ago on this blog. And I averred that Detroit
has not had a Republican mayor in a half
century, nor has it had a Republican-led
city council in all that time. I also commented
on how payments into the public employee
pensions were deferred with much of that money
going into the pockets of the Democrat pols
and their pals. The approximately 30,000
retired public workers are being rewarded
not for their years of service but for their years
of voting for Detroit Democrats who have
thus stabbed them in their backs and in their
wallets. But somehow this MSNBC lunatic
thinks that it's not the Dems but the GOP
that is to blame for Detroit's sorry condition!
What would repair this fevered fool's sorry
mental state; electroshock therapy, a course
of lithium, or a lengthy stretch in a padded
cell while trussed up in a straitjacket?
Perhaps Schultz needs all three!

Anyway, I had also commented a much
longer time ago on Schultz and his illogical,
wild, incoherent ravings on political and
economic matters. His recent performance on
MSNBC regarding Detroit is his latest
theatrical offering in the theatre of the absurd.
And many left-wingers like Schultz are
slavishly mimicking his rantings. And these
are the same folks that voted for Obama twice,
who believe in the president's wild-spending
"cure" for our nation's economic troubles,
who believe that the scandals of the IRS,
the crackdown on the freedom of the press
regarding coverage of the administration,
and Benghazi are "phony scandals", and
call we dissenters (especially those of us
involved in the Tea Party) "extremists",
"terrorists", "bullies", "racists", and names
that your respectful and respectable Peasant
cannot print here.

Just another day in Obama's Post-Constitutional
and Post-Reality America.


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