Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving Greetings and Thoughts of Gratitude

My dear readers, your grateful Peasant wishes each and
every one of you and your families a beautiful, blessed,
happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful for your readership,
your friendship, and your support, without which I could
not succeed with this endeavor.

Let us all be thankful for the many blessings in our lives:
our good health; our homes, our food (especially our
Thanksgiving turkeys and trimmings!); our jobs (those of us
that have them; the prospects for new employment for those
who lost their jobs in the Obama Economy are slim); our
families and friends; our pets; being able to enjoy yet
another bright, rosy sunrise and yet another beautiful,
soothing sunset; to be able to hug our family members and
tell them how much we love them; to go for walks or rides
in the country; to watch and hear little children playing
in a nearby yard or playground, hearing their joyful
laughter; to putter in our gardens, our kitchens, our
hobby rooms, our dens, our workshops and our garages;
to worship at our houses of worship, be it to attend a
service or just to pray on our own, on our knees, to He
who has given us these many blessings; to volunteer
our time and labor to these places as well as to our schools,
charities, and neighborhood efforts such as street cleanups,
or to simply help a neighbor who is in a tough spot and in
need of repairs to his home, food to feed his family, pay
their mortgage or rent, or to babysit their children when
they can't afford to hire someone to do the job; to work
on the campaigns of office seekers whom we support,
and to vote for them on election day; to celebrate our
country's birthday with Fourth of July picnics, parties,
brass bands, and fireworks.

And most of all, that we are citizens of what is the most
remarkable, prosperous, just, and free nation among nations;
the greatest guarantor of individual liberty and autonomy;
founded by an outnumbered, outfunded, ill-equipped yet
proud, bold, and resolute populace of oppressed colonists
of what was then the world's biggest superpower, who
waged a long and bloody but victorious war against all odds
to give birth to her upon a bed of devastation and carnage;
the United States of America. Let us be forever grateful for
these colonists' sacrifice, and for the inheritance we have
received from them, and to defend our inheritance from
those in the present who seek to take it away.


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