Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How to Replace Obamacare

Between the false promises that President Obama made
concerning the so-called Affordable Care Act and the
bizarre beyond words web site to register for it, his
health care scheme (scam?) is a failure of epic
proportions. But be of good cheer, my fabulous readers!
There is a web site, Prescription for America, which
has listed some wonderful alternatives in health care
coverage which would give more and better coverage
to us and our families, and for lower premiums and
deductibles. Here is the link:

Among the ideas shared here are the following:

*Federal health care vouchers. Federal programs, including
Medicare and Medicaid into vouchers that individuals can
use to purchase health insurance of their own choosing,
which gives them exactly the coverage that they seek.

*Universal health insurance tax credits. Everyone would
receive a lump-sum tax credit to purchase good quality
private health insurance.

*Make health insurance portable from job to job.
This is done with at least some retirement benefits;
why not health insurance?

*Cap health care lawsuit payouts. The imposition of
caps on health care lawsuit judgements re: non-economic
and punitive damages would keep health insurance costs
down all around.

*Health care courts. State-based, these --- along with
expert medical panels would replace expensive health
care lawsuits which ultimately enrich the lawyers.

*Loser-pays rule. this would stop frivolous lawsuits
from getting through the courthouse door, as the loser
would be made to pay all the legal costs involved.

*End federal involvement in health care. According to
our Constitution, health care is the responsibility of the
states and the private sector, NOT Uncle Sam!

*Health care block grants. This would replace Medicare
and Medicaid with block grants which would go to the
states where the state governments would decide how to
spend the money. As the state governments and the citizens
of the states are closer to the level where their health care
needs are, they have a clearer view of what is required and
what they should obtain.

*Health savings accounts for workers and seniors. A great
idea from the Bush II days that sadly has been swept away
by Obama and his plans to ultimately nationalize our health
care coverage.

*Allow states to reform health care for the poor. Relax the
current rules and eliminate much of the red tape to give
states the flexibility to more efficiently take care of the poor
re: their health care coverage.

And there are many more ideas posted there, and you can vote
on which ones you want to put into an alternative package to
put up in place of Obamacare. In the meantime, we can ---
and should --- contact our representatives and senators in
Washington to discuss these ideas with them and get them
to support these true reforms to our health care insurance.
These ideas would not only save us much money but would
also preserve our freedom of choice in the marketpalce, as
well as our freedom in general. And let's make these ideas
campaign issues for the 2014 and 2016 elections! We can
stop the Obamacare juggernaut yet!


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