Thursday, January 16, 2014

Still More Technical Troubles

My dear readers, your exasperated Peasant
is still having problems in posting this blog,
and some days I cannot even access it! On
those days when I go to Blogger to access my
blog site all I get is a blank screen, with a
little blurb in the lower-left corner of the screen
saying "Done!" (yes, exclamation point included;
one wonders if one is being BS'ed or is being
insulted when this occurs).

So far, since I last brought up my technical woes
with my blog site I have still been able to post
when I regularly do, although on the days when
I have been able to access my blog and get the
cursor to appear in the text box so I can type
the text I have had to write two or even three
compositions, place them in my "Draft" folder,
and keep them there until I am ready to post
each piece. I am trying to "outsmart" this
technical malady, as it were, so that we will
be able to get together each week for our
visits. As I am no MIT grad, nor even a half-
way talented amateur computer geek, I am
personally unable to remedy this hiccup. And
as I have mentioned before, Google, the
company which owns and operates Blogger,
the blogging site where this blog resides,
does precious little in maintaining the site.
Whenever they give it any attention, they seem
to poke at it, and it then takes so long for any
difficulty to be taken care of. When I established
this blog four years ago, Blogger was still an
independent entity but soon after was bought
by Google. Beforehand, there weren't even
any technical snags worth mentioning on
Blogger; that is not to say that Google has
been incompetent in its operating Blogger,
many troubles online crop up because of very
heavy user traffic on some days, affecting many
a web site. But Google seems rather cavalier in
its maintenance of Blogger, at least where Blogger's
users are concerned. You see, we who make use
of Blogger do so for free. No money from the
users, no urgent need to provide maintenance
service. At least, that's your favorite Peasant's take
on the matter. If this is so, however, it is a lousy way
to get a free of charge user like me to pay to upgrade
in order to get more attention to technical glitches
when they manifest.

Oh, and another problem has arisen: I am, reluctantly
dropping Dr. Tim Nerenz' blog, as he no longer blogs
about political and economic topics but has turned his
blog over to exhibiting his beautiful photographic
artwork. His photos are magnificent to be sure, but
your consistent Peasant wants to give links to only
those blogs by other bloggers who blog about just
politics and economics, as these are the topics whcih
you are so keenly interested in, hence your reading
this blog every week. Now, this is itself not a problem,
but replacing the link to it with that of another blog
I want to introduce to you has become a problem,
as a new technical bugaboo won't let me! If and when
I get this resolved I shall formally introduce the new
blog and its author to you; this much I'll say for now,
this is a wonderful blog written from the perspective
of a wife, mother, activist, and home schooler to her
children. Later on, when I will be able to introduce
this lady and her blog you'll simply flip!

Anyway, I just wanted to keep you all abreast of this
matter, and let you know what I am doing about it.
Your grateful Peasant thanks you, my fantastic readers,
for your patience and understanding. See you back here


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