Thursday, February 13, 2014

Further Developments on the IRS Scandal

The investigation continues into the IRS' harassment
of Tea Party groups, and has turned up some revealing
e-mail pieces by Lois Lerner, the high-ranking IRS
official who has been the focal point of the investigation.
The content of the e-correspondence between Lerner and
the Federal Election Committee (FEC) showed that
Lerner had been sharing tax information on certain
political groups with that governmental body, which is
a violation of federal law. The latter prohibits the sharing
of confidential taxpayer information by the IRS with other
government agencies, nor with anyone else. Once the IRS
assembles a file on an individual or a group, the contents
of that file are forthwith considered taxpayer information,
and Lerner had been sharing this sensitive and confidential
information after these political groups --- all conservative,
some being Tea Party groups --- after the groups had filed
for tax exempt status. Although the Tax exemption application
is public information, such documents as the minutes of
meetings and correspondence are not, and Lerner had been
giving these documents over to the FEC.

News reports in August had told that the IRS and the FEC
were sharing information on conservative groups, smacking
of at least potential collusion between government agencies
in targeting conservative political groups for audits and
demands for further confidential information from these

The Peasant is grateful for The Blaze, radio talker-turned-
alternative media mogul Glenn Beck's publication for the
latest information in this disturbing case which I have
related here for you, my dear readers. As your faithful
Peasant learns more on this matter, I shall post the
information here for your perusal. Lois Lerner had since
retired (read: got out of Dodge!) since this scandal broke,
but she could still be held legally culpable for her actions.
We can but hope and pray. This is but another example of
the "Change" part of President Obama's "Hope and Change"
plans in which he hopes to change our country into a
statist fiefdom for himself and his liberal establishment


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