Monday, February 24, 2014

The Obama Regime's 2013 Accomplishments

Team Obama congratulated themselves for their actions
in 2013, and tried mightily to spin their record as a great
success. However, last year was quite the opposite for
Obama and his merry men and women, as your faithful
Peasant will detail here.

While the Democrats and Republicans came together to
to pass a budget after a great tussle, the Dems were at the
time faced with a new "no budget, no pay" provision
which meant that if a budget was not passed by April 15,
all senate salaries would be held in escrow until a budget
was approved. The Dems finally passed a budget, although
the original senate version called for increasing taxes in
2014 by $1 trillion and passed by a single vote --- with no
Republican votes and four Democrats joining the GOP to
vote against the measure.

The Dems boast that American businesses created 2 million
jobs in the old year, but conveniently failed to mention that
the staggering job losses experienced in the first term of
Obama's presidency is still weighing down our economy.
Furthermore, if the number of people who lost their jobs
in that period and have left the job market --- that is, that
they have ceased looking for new jobs --- are added into
the calculation of our unemployment rate, the rate would
be in double-digit per cent territory.

The party of the donkey also brags that the economy is
growing; the truth is, though, that the alleged recovery
is the slowest in many decades, and that we still have not
recovered the jobs that died off in Obama's first term.
And the effects of Obamacare and Obama's high corporate
taxes have proved to be an extra couple of albatrosses
around the neck of the economy. And the former has not
been fully implemented yet!

These same charlatans claim to have cut the nation's budget
deficit in half since Obama took office in 2009, but Obama
has presided over the five largest budget deficits in history,
and this is one of his and his regime's biggest and hairiest
lies to date.

Now, the US oil industry is, in fact, having some fat times.
This, in the face of Obama trying to kill off the Keystone
Pipeline which would bring oil down from the Canadian
oil fields, denying oil permits on federal lands and off
US coastlines, and heaping on more regulatory oversight.
Credit oil drilling on private lands and fracking for the oil
industry's high productivity, not Obama's misguided

The American auto industry is not thriving like Obama and
friends would have us believe; The US has at last sold its
final stake in General Motors, saddling the taxpayers with
a $10 billion loss. And recently, the Italian automaker Fiat
bought the shares of Chrysler which were also held by Uncle
Sam to have a strong controlling financial stake in the
company. Now our "Big Three" car makers numbers two.

And Obama and his fellow Dems are boasting that Americans
are getting better and more affordable health care coverage
thanks to the so-called Affordable Health Care Act. We have
examined the myriad flaws in both the program and in the
website to register for it here on this blog. And Americans
are continuing to lose their old, affordable health care policies,
in greater number than that of Americans that have signed up for
the Obamacare monstrosity so far. Remember Obama's pie crust
promise that if we "liked our health care policies, we could
keep (them)"? one of the biggest whoppers yet from the Liar-

And let's not forget the biggest attempted backside covering
in history, the Benghazi scandal. We discussed that ugly
event here as well.

So we know what to expect for 2014 and the remaining two years
to come from the Obama reign. And it won't be pretty. However,
we can mitigate the effects of the waning time of the lame duck
imperial president by electing a conservative senate (not merely
a Republican senate, mind, but a conservative senate; electing
truly conservative Republicans to that chamber) and beefing up
the Republican ranks in the House with more conservatives.
If we do this, we will make Obama the lamest lame duck that
ever watched the hourglass sands trickle out on his remaining
time in the Oval Office. Having thus mitigated this misbegotten
president, we then can concentrate on electing a conservative
president who will undo the damage that this president
has done to our economy, our laws, our livelihoods, and
our lives.


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