Friday, March 14, 2014

A Fitting Epitath for Liberalism

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney recently
inadvertently gave what would serve as a fitting epitaph
for liberalism when he tried to paint a positive picture
of President Obama's healthcare overhaul, one of several
given since its comically clumsy rollout which was followed
by some painful consequences for many Americans who
were told by the Liar-in-Chief that if they liked their current
health care plans that they could keep them. To add salt to
their wounds, an estimated 2.3 million Americans will lose
their jobs by 2021, according to the Congressional Budget
Office, after studying the possible effects of the so-called
Affordable Care Act. Here's what the spokesgeek for the
president had to say:

"Opportunity created by affordable, quality health insurance
allows families in America to make a decision about how
they will work, or if they will work."

Now, my avid readers, take a minute to let that statement sink
in. The Obama regime claims that this message means that
the Affordable Care Act will "empower" Americans to
"make choices about their own lives and livelihoods, like
retiring on time rather than working into their elderly years
or choosing to spend more time with their families."
What unmitigated gall! Such boundless arrogance! The
taxes, along with the premiums for the Obama-mandated
policies (oh, that's right, those premiums are taxes too;
the Supreme Court said so) will make not working a more
economically attractive choice than working for many
workers, thereby rendering them ex-workers and wards
of the state. The more people dependent upon the state for
their subsistence, the more people under government control;
these very people will vote the straight Democrat ticket each
and every election in perpetuity to ensure a lasting Democrat
reign. The people would thus be like rodents in a laboratory,
conditioned to press a lever to make a food pellet roll down
to them whenever they get hungry. And this program is
considered by liberals to be the jewel in their crown! For
in this program they have detailed their endgame for our

Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer gave his take
on Carney's words:

"(Carney) says opportunity. This is what he is heralding in this
achievement, that the government is giving opportunity to
people to decide if they want to work. This is the liberals' idea
of the opportunity society ... Of course, in a free society, you
can decide if you want to work, but what Obamacare does, and
so the essence of liberalism, is you can choose not to work, and
the people who do work end up subsidizing you."

And therein lies the rub. The more put upon the productive
members of our society become through higher and additional
taxes to support those who are not being productive, the more
that they will question whether it is a good idea to continue to
be productive, to work, to do for themselves. And if enough
Americans take this tack, a tipping point will have been reached
where there will not be enough Americans generating revenue
and too many Americans receiving monetary benefits from
the government, so something will have to give --- namely, the
handouts. Then the bedlam and the mayhem will quickly follow.
Remember what Greece went through not that long ago?

And our economy, and our country as we know it, will die.
And so will liberalism, as this voracious leech will be without
a host to suck from, as the stupid sponger will thus have done
itself in! And its epitaph will read:


 Opportunity created by affordable,
 quality health insurance allows families
 in America to make a decision about how they
will work, or if they will work."

I would add to this epitaph:

"Famous last words."


NOTE: The Peasant gratefully acknowledges
The Personal Liberty Digest P.M. Edition
for publishing the remarks by White House
Press Secretary Jay Carney and Charles
Krauthammer's thoughts on same.

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