Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Nascent Political Career Gets Underway!

Your intrepid Peasant recently received some exciting news!
A famous entertainer, with whom I am personally acquainted,
who happens to be a staunch and unabashed conservative in
a field which is hostile territory to conservatives has declared
her candidacy for public office!

Victoria Jackson, of Saturday Night Live fame, has tossed her
hat, or perhaps I should say her bow, into the ring to become
a candidate for Williamson County Commissioner. Her county
is in the state of Tennessee, close to Nashville. Jackson filed
as an independent, as she has publicly stated her disappointment
with the Republican Party and had left the GOP some time ago.
She is a Tea Party activist, and has appeared on some Tea Party
tours giving speeches and meeting the throngs turning out.
Jackson will face the Republican nominee, who will be chosen
by the Williamson County GOP on May 6.

Your faithful Peasant avers that Victoria Jackson has the courage
of her conservative convictions, as she has proven in working in
liberal territory for a long time, and not having compromised her
political principles one little bit; the lady neither asks nor gives 
any quarter. And she is an avid student of politics, and does her
research on the issues of the day most meticulously. Jackson
has, in fact, participated in some debates on political talk shows,
proving herself to be a formidable debater.

So conservatives in Williamson County, take note: you won't have
to settle for supporting some establishment mush-mouth that your
county's Republicans may endorse and nominate. In Victoria
Jackson you'll have a true champion of conservative principles.
Your humble Peasant hereby endorses Victoria Jackson for the
office of Williamson County Commissioner. Godspeed, Victoria!
May your campaign be victorious.


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