Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Peasant Gets Some R&R

My friends, your beloved Peasant is going to take
a few days off in October to visit family, recharge
batteries, and catch up on some reading so that
I may be all the more knowledgeable on not only
the issues of the day but also the whys and wherefores
of our Constitution, our system of government, and
our economy. When I return to you I shall be "loaded
for bear", and in time for the November elections.
There will be a lot to take in and a lot to discuss,
and I want you to know that your favorite Peasant
shall be at his sharpest so as to be up to the measure!

In the meantime, here are some links to some wonderful
publications for you to click on for you to enjoy
more observations and commentary on the news from
a freedom perspective. And by the by, we shall be
observing and celebrating the fifth anniversary of our
gathering here every week to examine and discuss
the news, sticking the Pitchfork's prongs into
the backsides of those richly deserving of a good
jab while commending and supporting those who
are fighting the good fight for the preservation of
our wonderful country and the freedoms, the security,
and the prosperity we enjoy as its citizens! A good time
will be had by all!

National Review Online

Freedom Weekly

Reason Magazine Online


See you upon my return! God bless!


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