Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Wonderful Milestone!

My dear, wonderful readers, this posting by
your favorite Peasant is my 300th to date!
I just want to take a little time to thank you
all for your continued support through your
readership and your encouragement through
these five years and these 300 posts. After all,
you are the reason that I am online!

We shall get back to business in my 301st
post shortly. But for now, let us now savor
what we have explored here, discussed here,
laughed about here, vented about here, jeered
here, and cheered here on this blog.

It is both a duty and a pleasure for your faithful
Peasant to share my opinions on the political
scene and the political and economic news of
the day with you. I founded this post with the
idea of reaching out to my fellow conservatives
across the land, especially those who like me
are fed up with the Republican Party shunning
its role and duties as the bulwark against
mendacious and encroaching government and
the political party, the Democrat Party, which
promotes this threat to our constitutionally
guaranteed rights and liberties. There are,
sadly, elitist pigs in both parties that feel they
don't have to listen to and serve us, the people
of this grand country, and instead try to force
us to serve them. And I post about stories that
the establishment propaganda machine-cum-
media either ignore or give time to only in order
to put out their slanted view on them, giving
my take in a way that will capture your attention
by providing commentary in a no-holds-barred
manner. I say here what many of you, my
great readers, want to say and probably do when
talking among your families, your friends, your
co-workers, and yourselves. I share your frustra-
tions, your anger, your disappointment, your
hopes, your dreams, your aspirations, and your
prayers for yourselves and all your dear ones,
and of course for the United States of America,
our wonderful, magnificent country. And
I talk about it all here, each and every week.

I enjoy our weekly gatherings here, and sharing
my thoughts about what is gong on in our
halls of power and its effects on our lives.
And I appreciate your coming to visit me
here each time to recharge your batteries,
to prepare for the next round in our fight to
regain our nation from those who hope to
change it into something we wouldn't recog-
nize, nor would want to live in.

Again, your grateful Peasant says thank you,
thank you, thank you many times over for
coming to visit me here at this blog each week!
We shall be victorious!


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