Thursday, October 30, 2014

Two More Endorsements

Friends, your favorite Peasant has two more
endorsements of some wonderful conservative
candidates to announce; these are, like my
previous ones, Wisconsin candidates for public

I endorse Brad Schimel for Attorney General.
A reliably conservative republican, he is being
challenged for this office by Democrat nominee
Susan Happ, currently serving as Jefferson County
District Attorney. For almost 25 years, Schimel
has been in the frontlines of the war on crime as
a prosecutor. As Waukesha County District
Attorney, he has conducted jury trials ranging
from traffic violations to first degree homicide
cases. Victims' advocate groups regard him
highly, as do his constituents in Waukesha
County. Furthermore, Schimel has earned
the backing of over eighty law enforcement
officials, both Republican AND Democrat!

In 2011, Brad Schimel was appointed to both
the Wisconsin Judicial Council and the Wisconsin
Crime Victim Council, and is a founding member
of the Wisconsin Victim Impact Panel for
intoxicated drivers and is currently President
of the Preventing Alcohol-Related Crashes
(PARC) Task Force.

Brad Schimel is also an instructor in the Law
Enforcement and Criminal Justice Department
at Waukesha County Technical College.
With all these accomplishments and accolades,
Schimel is highly respected and admired by his
peers in law enforcement here in the Badger State.
In addition, Schimel enjoys the same from his
constituents, who have long supported him

Susan Happ has a checkered record in this field.
She has been immersed in a scandal centered on
a Jefferson County man with whom she was engaged
in a real estate deal. Daniel J. Reynolds, the man
in question, was once charged by Happ's office
with sexual assault of a minor. Reynolds received
a plea deal in which he was charged only with
disorderly conduct, leading many to think that
Happ could have, and should have, done more
to avoid a conflict of interest. The victim and
her family have filed an ethics complaint against
Happ, the result of same is yet to be determined.

Moreover, Happ has been accused in being lenient
in the prosecution of other criminal cases brought
to her office during her time as Jefferson County DA.
A very murky record, indeed.

My second endorsement is of Matt Adamzyk, GOP
candidate for Wisconsin State Treasurer. Mike is
also a strong conservative and champion of  limited
government, so much so that he vows if he is elected
he'll be the last treasurer for the state of Wisconsin.
He states on his campaign web site:

"The state treasurer's office has become a meaningless
office; it has very few duties left. Currently, the only
duty assigned to the state treasurer by the state
constitution is sitting on the Board of Commissions
of Public Lands, which consists of two short phone
calls a month. Almost all duties that were once the
responsibility of the state treasurer have been transferred
to other agencies ... to increase efficiency and to save
tax dollars."

Adamczyk goes on to say that Wisconsin taxpayers still
fund the office at the cost of $1 million per biennium,
and that it is a waste of the taxpayers' money, given how
little the treasurer's office has to do. He thinks that the
remaining few duties can also be parceled out to other
agencies. A very principled and, some would say,
courageous stand for a candidate for that or almost
any other state office to take! And when you consider
al the times that we citizens have had to tighten our belts
when times got tough (especially in recent years!) while
government at all levels kept on its merry spending way
while increasing our taxes more and more, Adamczyk is
a breath of fresh air! This is someone who would, if elected,
be a true public servant, instead of another government
official making the public serve him!

The Peasant hopes that you, my fellow Wisconsinites who
read this blog, will vote for these fine candidates and urge
your families, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and everyone
else you know to do the same! Election day is Tuesday,
November 4!


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