Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day Thoughts

Friends, today is Veteran's Day, the day in which
we honor our current and former military service
men and women who sacrificed so much for us
and our way of life. As Memorial Day is the day
to remember our fallen and long ago military
people, Veterans Day is for the ones still with us
in the realm of the living.

Now, your faithful Peasant remembers ALL of our
military people on both of these days, and does so
openly and unabashedly. As a matter of fact, I give
thanks for everyone, past and present, alive and
gone to glory who have so served. As I believe in
gratitude for all good things and people in life,
I give thanks each and every day that I am a free
and well-protected citizen of the United States,
with a constitution which spells out my rights
under our law, and a military which defends
it all. But for this day, my great and wonderful
readers, let us all show our gratitude for these
blessings which we enjoy as Americans by
personally thanking family, friends, neighbors,
co-workers, and acquaintances who have so
served. Shake the hands of these brave souls
and thank them for serving. Tell them that you
think of them and their daunting work when
you vote, when you write a letter to the editor
of a newspaper or a magazine regarding a political
issue, when you attend a town meeting or similar
gathering to discuss such issues with your elected
representatives, when you work on a campaign
of a candidate for office whom you favor or
give money to same, or to an organization which
works on behalf of a cause that you support.
For these wonderful people help to preserve these
and our other freedoms.

And keep them in mind and show your gratitude
for them any and all the days of the year! For
freedom is not just a sometime thing, it is a
fixture in our lives as Americans, and shall be as
long as we always have fellow citizens who believe
that our freedom and our way of life is worth defending
and as long as we recognize and reward these fine
folks for their hard work at doing so. If we should
cease to be grateful to them, our freedom will someday
cease as well; for what we are not grateful for, and
take for granted or, worse, resent and disdain we will


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