Thursday, November 20, 2014

Is The Constitution Still Relevant? (Part I)

Friends, tonight President Obama (or should I now
refer to him as King Barack?) is going to unveil his
immigration reform plan which will, among other things,
legalize 5 million heretofore illegal aliens currently in our

Obama is going to issue an Executive Order to make this
terrible plan come into existence; after all, he has bragged
that he has a pen and a phone. He has said that he shall use
these items to get what he wants done if Congress will not
help out. Make no mistake: this man thinks that Congress
is an impediment to his plans, that the will of the American
people mans nothing, that the American people are mere
peasants, and that the Constitution is Cottonelle! Ever since
he first took office in 2009 this farce of a president has done
all that he could to relax immigration laws to the point of
being meaningless, in order to bring in people from economically
impoverished countries not so much to give then a fresh new
beginning in a prosperous new land but to get them situated
as cheap labor in the most basic of jobs, to get them enrolled
in various federal social benefit programs (especially the so-called
Affordable Care Act, a/k/a Obamacare), and --- when they
finally become U.S. citizens or, perhaps before then, knowing
this president and his political party, to have them remember
who gave them all these goodies come future elections.

Congressional Republicans are already vowing to stop Obama
from carrying out this end run around both Congress and the
Constitution. Obama's action will precipitate a constitutional
crisis in our government and our country. For those of us who
have strong stomachs and steely nerves, we may be witnessing
the end of our constitutional rule of law, and perhaps the end of
our great country as we have always known it. I shall return to
comment on Obama's speech soon, as we shall need to thoroughly
examine the entirety of his speech which shall I'm sure include the
main points of his controversial program. We shall also assess
the potential ramifications of same, as well as what strategies
Republicans and horrified Democrats of good will can employ
to thwart this assault on the Constitution and affront to the
We the People; polls show that Americans oppose more lenient
immigration laws by from 65-80%! Hispanics oppose this, by the
way, by around 55-45%, so squishy Republicans on Capitol Hill
may want to rethink Hispanics as a sure source of electoral
support by voting for such measures (potential GOP presidential
candidates, take note!).

Your beloved Peasant shall return very soon with my impressions
of Obama's speech. Be strong.


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