Thursday, January 29, 2015

Christopher "Kit" Carson, R.I.P.

No, this tribute is not to the famous mountain man,
trapper, army scout, and explorer of the Old West,
but rather the man who was one of national radio
legend Rush Limbaugh's original team members,
with him since he launched his show 27 years ago
and became Rush's right-hand man over the years.
Christopher "Kit" Carson, Limbaugh's Chief
of Staff, as Rush liked to refer to him, died
on the morning of January 26 after a four-year
battle with brain cancer. He was 56.

Carson, a Milwaukee native and a graduate of
Whitefish Bay High School, joined Rush and his
show at its outset in 1988. He did anything that needed
doing in those early days of Rush's nationally broad-
cast talk show, demonstrating his mettle and his dependa-
bility. Over time he rose to be Rush's executive officer
of sorts and confidant, screening people who wanted to
do business with Rush, such as having their products/
services' commercials aired on his show or getting Rush
to do some PR for their organizations. Never heard on
the air but heard of, and often, through constant mention by
Rush, Carson loved his work and relished working for
Rush, being a most loyal and devoted member of his team.
Rush began his show on the day of Carson's passing with
mentioning his sad departure, at one point pressing the
"cough button", which is used in case of the host failing
to suppress a cough, this time for Rush blowing his nose
and choking back tears. Rush gave the first 45 minutes
of his show to Carson as a fond tribute, and your humble
Peasant is giving this entry as a tribute as well to an
indispensable aide and a friend to a friend of conservatives
across our great country; he had helped make Rush
Limbaugh's show the great radio forum for conservatives
that it is. Christopher Carson will be sorely missed.


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