Wednesday, February 4, 2015

How Government is Really Run (Especially Obama's Health Care Scam)

The recent reports of Darrell Issa's House
Oversight and Government Reform Committee
confirmed what many of us conservatives have
long thought of President Obama's so-called
Affordable Health Care Act; it is, indeed,
simply a subsidy program throwing money
--- our tax money --- at health care.

Have a gander at these figures:

Seven million (so far) get health coverage
from Obama's program, with 149 million(!)
getting same from the veritable tax gift from
the huge handout for employer-provided health

Most of this money (totaling approximately
$1.3 trillion this year) is given out regardless
of need. This will drive up prices along with
encouraging production of services of rather
questionable value. The spending will not
necessarily help to better the nation's health.

Next, there is Halbig v. Burwell, the latest
challenge to Obama's sick joke of a health care
plan. The main point of contention is whether
Congress had authorized the subsidies that
the regime has been forking over to users of
the federally run health care exchanges (not
the state run exchanges, mind you, but the
ones run by Uncle Sam).

Meanwhile, back at the White House, the
president is badly hobbled by an ever-worsening
world situation while he concentrated intently
on his Affordable (HA!) Health Care Act. The
Con Man-in-Chief is weakened further by U.S.
Companies fleeing the country and an increasingly
business-unfriendly tax system, again because
Obama cares only for imposing his godawful
health care plan on the country.

Halbig, which is awaiting its day before the appeals
system, is not going to be so important to health
care reform, as far as closing the gap between its
costs and whatever benefits it may yield so as to
save the U.S. from bankruptcy. In fact, the peak
time to establish single-payer health care in our
country has passed, and it doesn't look like it is likely
to return. And our main focus as a nation, at this point
in time, is figuring out how to defend ourselves from
the growing threat of radical Islamic terrorism at
home while also militarily defeating it on its home turf
in the Middle East and Afghanistan. We cannot afford
to do this and set up a national health care system
a' la Canada at the same time. In this year's interim
election, we should elect new senators who will force
the White House to change direction in regards to these
choices, and follow up in 2016 by electing a president
who will work with the Senate to keep us on this new


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