Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Taking On the Forces of Hatred

The Left loves to accuse us on the Right of being hateful.
They claim that we engage in "hate speech", verbally or
in print tearing into the reputations of their comrades,
be they office seekers, office holders, activists, or groups
of all these, even making threats to them and their families
and friends, allegedly because we don't like their skin
colors, or their genders, or their gender preferences, or
their clothes or whatever. But in fact, if one were to
observe the skirmishes of words between the two warring
armies on our political landscape, one would see that the
barrage of hatred is coming from the lefties rather than
the righties' camp. This has been demonstrated by noted
conservatives who have made public the filth that they
have received in their inboxes, on their websites, and
their social media pages: Sean Hannity, Michelle Malkin,
Vicki McKenna (a conservative radio talker on the local
airwaves here in Milwaukee) and Laura Ingraham to
name but a few have shared some of the "love" that they
have received from the forces of kindness, pluralism,
and tolerance that is known as our friendly Left Wing.
The latest missive has been aimed and fired at my state's
governor and all-but-officially-declared Republican
presidential candidate Scott Walker by a The Dropkick
Murphys, an Irish-American rock band out of Boston
and a band that your part-Irish Peasant enjoyed listening
to --- until now.

The Walker team has been playing as introductory music
one of this band's songs when he strides to a podium to address
a gathering the opening strains of one of this band's songs,
a rather high-energy piece typical of their fare. The
Dropkick Murphy's contacted Team Walker to insist that
they cease playing any of their music in connection with
his public appearances because, and I quote, "We really
hate you!"

Well, at least one can credit the DMs with being honest
about their poisonous feelings toward my state's governor,
which is more than one can say about the many hatemongers
on the left side of the political dividein these United States.
But the fact remains that this is but another case of a left-winger
or left-wingers spewing their bile at someone who does
not share their brand of politics and instead espouses one that
they cannot stand up to and counter with reason, logic,
and facts. As one of our early American political activists
Thomas Paine stated, "To argue with a person who has re-
nounced the use of reason is like administering medicine
to the dead". And the Dropkick Murphys know but one thing:
Scott Walker is not a fellow traveler, he travels on a different
road to a different destination, and they hate him for it.
With that in mind, I have an idea ...

Your fed-up Peasant proposes that we conservatives take this
tack with the DMs and all other lefties who labor as entertainers,
writers, and like endeavors where they are in the public eye and
therefore have a handy forum to fire their crude, hateful, devoid
of reason and logic rants at us. Let's boycott them! Let's
boycott all musicians, singers, actors, directors, producers,
from Hollywood and Broadway to the street corners where
buskers perform for coins! And let's boycott authors of books
and columns in magazines and newspapers who engage in
this putrid, rancorous behavior. Boycott them, the publications
that employ them, and the publishing houses that publish
their books, and tell them why! If ever (and I'm not holding
my breath waiting for this!) these feces-tossers would
desire to engage we conservatives in a calm, sane,
rational discussion of the issues on which we are in strong
disagreement and put aside their missiles of malice, then
we can engage them and perhaps put aside our boycott of
them and their works.

I have already sworn off listening to the DM's music when it
plays on the radio, and I will never buy their CDs or anything
that bears their name and likeness, nor will I ever buy a ticket
to any concert that they are booked to appear in. I am inviting
all conservatives to join me in this effort to deny these clods
a paying audience, so as to not subsidize them in
their boorishness and thus be willing as well as
paying targets of their verbal garbage-throwing. Let us not
encourage such horrible rabble, but make it not worth their
while to spew their acidic discharge; for it is no fun to fire
at a target that is not there. And why should we in effect
subsidize the very people who have such blind hatred for us,
paying them to take such venomous shots at us? Yes, the
Constitution guarantees the right of misguided, troubled people
like the Dropkick Murphys to state their hatred for people
with whom they vehemently disagree; yet it is also our right
to turn our backs on them and their distressing antics, and not
pay them any money nor any attention. They have the right to
vent their bilious spleen, and we have the right not to be a
captive and paying audience.

Just because a punk might throw rocks at one, does not mean
that one has an obligation to stand still and simply take it.


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