Thursday, April 2, 2015

A VERY Fond Farewell!

Some fantastic news, my fantastic readers:

U.S. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D)
announced that he will not seek another term!
After five terms in the Senate, making thirty years
in that chamber, Reid said that he would leave
when his current term concludes in January 2017.

Reid leaves a legacy of corruption, elitism, cronyism,
arrogance, and blind loyalty to an imperial president
who has labored to cut Congress out of the legislative
process with but a pen and a phone. In 2010 he was
a major player in the controversial passage of Obama-
care, greatly changing the rules in the Senate in order
to ensure that minimal, if any, resistance to the bill
would occur. Reid even scrapped the filibuster(!) in
order to clamp down on opposition to this and other
legislation backed by the White House. This little
slime turned what was long termed "The World's
Greatest Deliberative Body" into a rubber-stamping
operation. Furthermore, when people started losing
their health coverage as the so-called Affordable Health
Care Act began to take effect, causing much hardship
for many families and individuals both, causing them
to be loudly critical, Reid called them "liars".

He had amassed a huge fortune for himself and his
family by making legally dubious land deals that he
got officials in Nevada, his home state, to turn a
blind eye upon. After thirty years as a senator he
had multiplied his assets manyfold; much more so
than if he had just drawn his senate salary all that time,
no other monies coming in. Nice feat!

"Dingy Harry", as conservative talk show megastar
Rush Limbaugh refers to him, helped President Obama
to help his wealthy chums by shepherding legislation
designed to favor them, their businesses, and/or their
industries over their competitors. Remember Solyndra,
the solar power company which received millions of
dollars just from Washington but still failed to make
a profit, or even to produce any solar power or solar
power generating products? Their owners made out
very well while their employees lost their jobs and
got little or nothing on their way out the door. And
the taxpayers simply got shafted.

And the taxpayers got shafted some more, as Reid
assisted in the passage of many, many bills calling
for record spending on domestic government programs,
making for not only record spending but record budget
deficits and national debt levels as the Treasury had
to issue and sell more and more debt instruments to
China, Japan, and anyone else who would be foolish
enough to buy the debts of a country with an out-of-
control government as hooked on spending money as
a junkie is hooked on heroin. More and bigger fixes,
pronto! Our next two generations of Americans (and
soon to be three) are now on the hook for much of this
fiscal and political obscenity.

But there is one very possible reason that Senator Reid
is packing it in after a three-decade run: according to
Brietbart News, a possible election of a Republican
president in 2016 would of course bring a Republican
Attorney General along, who would be sure to conduct
a criminal investigation into Reid's abuse of political office
regarding a brazen intervention into the Department
of Homeland Security's (DHS) issuance of EB-5 visas
to investors in a Las Vegas casino/hotel represented by
Reid's son Rory. as was highlighted in a report released
by the Inspector General of the DHS recently. Shortly
afterward, a non-profit group Cause of Action called for
the Department of Justice (DOJ) to launch a criminal
investigation of Reid, citing specific federal statutes
having been violated "related to the U.S. Citizenship and
Immigration Services EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program".
Now we know that this investigation ain't ever gonna
happen as long as Obama is in the White House! Neither
his outgoing AG Eric Holder nor Holder's replacement
will move an inch to get at the truth of this matter for the
remaining time that this sorry regime is in power. That's
why Reid knows that he has a small cushion of time to
stave all this off before next year's presidential election
and the very possible election of a GOP successor to his
ally in corruption, by resigning now and getting out of
Dodge. Besides, Reid will not only face a stiff GOP
challenge for the senate seat he has held for so long, but
as of this posting there are two Nevada Democrats who
are looking to challenge Reid for their party's nomination,
and Reid doesn't look like he likes the odds. Reid is, in
at least this regard, a smart and savvy gambler.

As if that is not enough, there is the little matter of Reid's
complicity in colleague Senator Robert Menendez' (D-NJ)
abuse of his own political office by intervening in an
ongoing adjudication process by the Department of Health
and Human Services (HHS) involving $8.9 billion in
overbilling by the latter's friend and campaign donor, Dr.
Salomon Melgen. Reid had arranged and hosted a meeting
between Sen. Menendez and then-HHS Secretary Kathleen
Sebilius, at which Menendez made the case for his friend
Dr. Meglen, who at that time was embroiled in this legal
fracas. Right before the meeting Dr. Meglen, according to
Breitbart News donated $300,000 to the Senate Majority
PAC, an organization with close ties to Reid. By the end
of 2012, Dr. Meglen's donations to this PAC came to
$700,000. Hmmmmmmmmm!

Oh, and one of the investors who received a visa in return
for investing in the casino/hotel represented by Reid's son
Rory has been linked to child pornography charges in
China. And Reid has been working of late for the passage
of a bill to stop child sex-trafficking in the U.S.; many of
the children dragged into this evil business are forced to
appear in pornographic movies and photos.

Oh, and one more little story about Reid and his misbehavior:
In 2007 the aforementioned Rush Limbaugh made Reid more
than a little bit uncomfortable with his commentary about the
senior Senator from Nevada on his show, so Reid wrote a letter
to Limbaugh's boss at the time, the Chairman/CEO of Clear
Channel, demanding that he get Rush to cease making such
commentary about Reid with the threat of removing him from
the airwaves. Well, Limbaugh was shown the letter, and he
came up with an idea: he would auction off the letter on E-bay,
and donate the proceeds to a charity that Rush has long supported
and touted on his show, the Marine Corps Law Enforcement
Foundation, which provides a $30,000 college scholarship account
for every child who lost a parent in the service of the U.S.
Marine Corps or any Federal Law Enforcement Agency.
This Rush did, and Reid, in a clumsy, last-ditch tail-saving attempt,
tried to take credit for the fundraising move, making light of the
content of the letter itself. How would any of you, my grand
readers, like to have a tooth with that nerve? Happily, no one
took Reid and his ploy seriously.

The annals of American politics have stories of more than a few
crooked, self-serving politicians; none, however, have the sheer
duplicity, corruption, dirty-dealing, lying, and just plain chutzpah
of U.S. Senator Harry Reid. He finally made a move which will,
and can only, benefit the people of Nevada as well as the rest of
our country. Don't let the door whack you in your boney butt,
Harry; just exit and keep going!


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