Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Fort Hood Screwjob

Your outraged Peasant is hotter than a summer
day in Phoenix over the way that the slain Army
personnel at Fort Hood, the wounded, and their
families have been treated so dismissively by
our government in the wake of the treacherous,
murderous spree by an Army psychiatrist of
the Islamic religion who yelled "Allahu akbar!"
as he shot his victims. Although the terrible
incident took place nearly six years ago, I still
recall the disbelief and horror I felt when I heard
the news then, and I still almost cannot believe
that it was not a nightmare but a real event. And
now I learn that our government, in keeping with
its politically correct line terming the massacre a
case of "workplace violence", thereby denying what
it was, an act of war, as we are indeed at war with
the forces of radical Islam in the Middle East and
Afghanistan, is denying to these people and their
families their rightful combat pay, benefits and
recognition. They are also denying same to those
personnel on the base who weren't shot but were
so traumatized that they became psychologically
wounded that they couldn't carry on with their duties;
this third group of soldiers will receive neither Purple
Hearts nor any compensation for what they endured.

You, my fantastic readers, remember the ungodly
details: the shooter, an officer and a psychiatrist,
both of Arab extraction and a follower of Islam,
had been heavily influenced by a radical Islamic
cleric. The latter exhorted the shooter to bring jihad 
to the army base where he was stationed, to
kill those who had been or soon would be deployed
to fight the forces of Islam. After many years of
this manipulation, the cleric's heinous mission
came to awful fruition on November 5, 2009. Fourteen
dead, including a female soldier and her unborn child,
and 32 wounded, not counting the psychologically
wounded. The FBI and the Defense Department (DoD)
possessed more than sufficient information to detect
the shooter's radicalization, amassed over several
years, and could have taken pre-emptive steps to
remove this individual from his duties and his post.
But no such action was taken. As a matter of fact,
in the interim the Army promoted him! The shooter
was planning to shoot even more people at the base
and would have done so had he not been shot and
taken into custody by civilian police who were on
hand. Political correctness led many in the Army
and in the Defense Department to fear that reporting
the shooter would result in charges of racial or
religious discrimination. Yes, quite sadly, PC has
infected the Army, and we are already all the worse
off for it. And because of this poison, neither the
Army, nor the DoD, and above all certainly not the
Obama regime will officially recognize the tragedy
for what it was: a terrorist attack, part and parcel of
the war that the United States is engaged in. Nothing
to see here, folks, no terrorism here. Move along!

A somewhat positive update: Congress has rewritten
the language regarding our fallen military people, and
the Secretary of the Army has announced that the
Fort Hood dead and wounded will at last receive long-
overdue medals, and will also receive burial plots at
Arlington National Cemetery as well as compensation
pay when they retire. However, no such medals nor
compensation will be extended to those who suffered
severe psychological injuries which made them unable
to work. They are still being screwed over. Perhaps
they, too, shall be so recognized and compensated when
we elect a Republican president, and that everyone
shall then receive the full panoply of health benefits
and appropriate pay, as well as the gratitude of the
government in whose service they labored, that they
so richly deserve, along with an official apology for
the tardiness in its coming.


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