Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Milwaukee Irish Fest was Grand!

Your part-Hibernian Peasant enjoyed Milwaukee's Irish Fest,
gathering with family and friends during this, my annual
Irish vacation. It's so wonderful, having an Irish vacation
without actually leaving the country --- although one day I
shall do precisely that! Visiting Ireland has always been a
dream of mine; I have visited Great Britain and much of
continental Europe, and have enjoyed every place I saw,
but I won't rest until I've been to The Emerald Isle,
where I have many relatives. I shall of course visit them,
and will take in some of the historic sights of Eire, including
some of the touristy-type attractions, camera in hand.

But for now, going to Milwaukee's Irish Fest is a real treat!
Our fest is the biggest Irish Festival in the world, so if you
want to enjoy more of Irish culture you'll have to visit
dear of Ireland itself!

It was great to be at the Milwaukee Irish Fest, and it's great to
be back with you, my beloved readers!


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