Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Story That Should Be in the Funnies!

Om Thursday, October 15, your amused Peasant
read an article in the Wall Street Journal's Opinion
section, "Democrats Say The Economy Stinks".
This piece looked like it could have appeared in
The Onion, an online satirical publication which
makes up wonderful fall-down funny headlines
and stories which poke fun at real-life people,
places and events, but it in fact appeared in the

It discussed the recent Democrats' presidential
candidates' debate which had ex-First Lady (and
a few other ex-things) Hillary Clinton, U.S. Sen.
Bernie (the Socialist) Sanders, ex-U.S. Sen. Jim
Webb, Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee, and
ex-Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley duking it out
in what seemed to be more of "more-liberal-than-
thou" contest. As I myself listened to the event on the
radio, I can tell you that while it had many moments
where one would think, "typical of them!", there were
some genuinely funny moments to enjoy, one being
where the candidates actually admitted(!) that our
nation's economy is in crisis mode. Sen. Sanders
thundered about the American middle class
disappearing over the past 40 years with American
workers working longer hours for less wages, with
almost all of the newly created wealth accruing to
the "top 1%". Ah, yes, those dastardly one-per centers
who the lefties love to hold responsible for the
rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer,
while the middle-class slowly slips away down the
drain. And the funny bit here is the fact that not only
did the other candidates not contest Sanders' remarks,
but they each agreed with him, each saying so in so
many words!

Memo to the 2016 Democrat hopefuls: who has been in
the White house since January 2009 and is still there,
finishing his final term? Whose economic policies
have we had all this while? Hint: they bear his name
--- "Obamanomics"! What are you jerks trying to pull?
Not ALL of the country's electorate are "low information
voters"! You really believe that we are all, or are nearly
all a bunch of single-digit IQ peasants, bumpkins, and
nincompoops! If our national economy is in such sad
shape, then that is on your leader, and on YOU!

Now we have heard of candidates for public office,
having been nominated by their political party to
succeed the departing incumbents from same party,
running against their record while in office. But an
entire lineup of candidates from one party, each seeking
to succeed their incumbent, trashing his record (even
though not mentioning him by name) as if he were from
the opposition party? Really? Moreover, Gov. O'Malley
declared that the president shouldn't be held responsible
for the economy we presently have because he's not a
"magician". Really! Furthermore, the Dem candidates
all took pokes at the Republican-held Congress, blaming
them for the state of the economy, even blaming the last
GOP president, George W. Bush and his tax cuts, which
were enacted 12 years ago and have since been done
away with by the current Democrat president! Priceless!
Robert Ripley, call your office! Check out the Democrat
presidential pack who, to an individual, are using the
sickly economy which THEIR party's outgoing incumbent
president made sickly, as a talking point! A million laughs!
It would be even funnier if it were not reality! Thanks
ever so much to the Wall Street Journal for mentioning
this spectacle in its editorial section.

But the message from the Democrat presidential candidates
is no laughing matter: In the six years we so far have had of
this misbegotten president from their own party, American
workers and their families are suffering greatly in an economy
with the snares of disappearing decent-paying jobs, stagnant
paychecks (for those that still receive them), growing
income inequality, along with a system which has been rigged
to pump even more cash into the accounts of billionaires
(many of them supporters of the current president and his party!)
while bypassing ever-toiling Working Joes and Janes.
The exact same charges that the Democrats constantly hurl at
the Republicans, even when the Dems are in power. And those
horrible one-per centers? They are, as a matter of fact, overwhelm-
ingly DEMOCRATS! Gee, my fabulous readers, wouldn't
you LOVE to hear the Dem White House chasers explain why
this is so?

When it comes to sheer disingenuousness, arrogant elitism,
raping the truth, breathtaking hypocrisy, and a complete
divorce from shame (not to mention absolute ignorance of the
word), the Democrats are the undisputed champions! And if we
don't break their hold on the presidency in 2016 We the People
will be the undisputed chumpions, and our prize will be the
very government and governance we will deserve.


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