Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween Greetings and Cheer!

Friends, Halloween is almost here.
Time to buy your pumpkins if you
have not already done so. Get your
carving knives ready to make some
wonderful Jack O'Lanterns, as well
as some wonderful pumpkin pies!
Put up your scarecrows, your witches,
your black cats, your ghosts, and your
other figures and figurines for decor!
Then settle back with some lovely
pumpkin latte', turn on your radio or
TV, and catch the Benghazi hearings taking
place in Congress! See the horrifying witch
Hillary Clinton lie about her part in the
tragedy, then lie to cover her lies!

And remember everything that you see and hear
from the hearings if she wins the Democrat Party's
nomination! Come Election Day you can pass
your own judgement on her and her party!
Send her off on her broom!


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