Thursday, January 28, 2016

Congratulations to Rep. Paul Ryan!

A noted congressman from my home state
of Wisconsin, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, was chosen
to become the next Speaker of the House of
Representatives. Heretofore the Chairman of
the House Ways and Means Committee, a very
powerful committee which holds great sway over
our budgetary matters,  Rep. Ryan became the first
Wisconsinite to be elected House Speaker.
Belated congratulations are in order for him!
Your elated Peasant apologizes for not posting this
news sooner.

But prayers are in order for Ryan as well, for he
faces a divided and quarrelsome GOP caucus
along with a small but cagey Democrat minority
led by a former House Speaker looking to regain
power and to settle some scores in the process.
In addition, Ryan is considered a RINO by some
in the GOP, both in and outside of Washington
for his votes on some bills, especially at least
one on immigration, while conversely others in
the party think he is too far to the right to be
an effective leader of the House. Your faithful
Peasant has a few questions regarding Paul Ryan
and some of his stands on a few issues, and the
foundation for his formulating them, but I feel
comfortable with Ryan having replaced the craven
John Boehner. Ryan will certainly stand up to
President Obama and counter the latter's excesses
(such as his abuse of Executive Orders which
impinge upon the legislative functions of Congress),
which Boehner was loathe to do.

Well done on your election to the position of Speaker
of the House of Representatives, Rep. Ryan. You are
now the most politically powerful Republican public
office holder in the country. May you employ your
new powers prudently, faithfully, and for the benefit
of all Americans, while promoting harmonious
cooperation in your chamber while staying true
to your principles and those of conservative governance;
limited size and scope of government, accountability to
the people, and engaging the constitutionally mandated
check on the power of the other executive and judicial
branches of our government --- especially the former,
as the final term of the most mendacious, power-lusting
president mercifully draws to a close. God be with you, sir.


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