Saturday, January 2, 2016

Here's To A Victorious New Year!

Friends, your joyous Peasant wishes all of you
a most Happy New Year! In this brand new annum
of 2016, let us make it our mission to elect a truly
constitutional, truly conservative, truly pro-American
president who shall work to undo the damge that
Obama has done in the eight misbegotten years
in which he will have held the presidency.

And just as importantly, let us work to ensure that
both chambers of Congress remain in Republican
hands, and at the same time work to elect members
of the House and the Senate whose politics will match
those of the president whom we shall elect so our
new president shall have plenty of help and little
opposition in his or her efforts to turn our country
and her government around. We don't have the time
to spend on battling back and forth with an intransigent
chamber, let alone two! Our country needs urgent
repairs, and we have to elect a government that shall
hit the ground running in taking care of business.

I hope you all have had a wonderful New Year's Eve
and an equally wonderful New Year's Day!


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