Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Latest With My Conversation With Dudley Sharp On The Death Penalty

My wonderful readers, I want to inform you that soon
I will post here on my blog the ongoing conversation I
have been having with Dudley Sharp, head of Justice
Matters, on the topic of capital punishment.
Dudley e-mailed me very recently asking if we can
have our chat right here on this blog rather than ex-
changing e-letters which I then would post here;
Dudley informed me that this would save him a bit
of time, so that is what I shall do. Here is how it
will work:

1) I shall post all of what we've discussed so far.

2) Next, I shall start posting my subsequent state-
ments in our exchange and Dudley can respond
via the comment box.

3) I shall then copy and post on the body of my blog
Dudley's statements, making our discussion easier
for you, mu beloved readers, to follow.
4) On alternating weeks I shall post new installments
of our talk for you to follow. Of course, you all are
more than welcome to join us by offering your own
comments and questions as we proceed. This is,
after all, one of the purposes of this blog; to foster
discussion of the important issues that we as a nation

And Dudley, if this sounds feasible to you, or if it does
not, or if you have questions or concerns please do
inform via the comment box. If need be I shall devise
an alternative.

NOTE: Sadly, I cannot set up a chat room, as for the time
being I am reliant on public access computers in my local
library which has a rule prohibiting participating in chat
rooms. Thank you for giving your loyal Peasant your
kind understanding.

NOTE TO MY READERS: When you post comments
for Dudley and I you can be passionate, you can be
animated, you cna blow off a bit of steam, but you
CANNOT use offensive language or engage in any
name-calling of a foul and heinous nature! This rule
applies to this blog not just for this occaision but at
all times. Any violations of this rule WILL result in the
offensive remarks deleted and the author of same
PERMANENTLY BANNED from posting any
further comments on this blog. I know that you
are, my loyal readers, by and large above that
sort of behavior, but I must make these ground
rules for us all to abide by in order to maintain
a safe and welcoming forum for us to participate



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