Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's Time to Fire Senator Harry Reid!

So U.S. Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), current Senate Majority Leader,
claims that he can't understand why anyone of hispanic descent
would be a Republican. My wonderful readers, let's help him out!
Let's help Senator Reid understand why many hispanics prefer
the GOP and its policies to the stale, statist, and elitist policies
of Reid and the Democrat Party. For a start, notice how I referred
to it as the Democrat party and not the Democratic Party, as that
party has become highly undemocratic over the years.

Harry, my boy, The Peasant will now explain to you why more
and more hispanics are choosing the Republicans over the
Democrats in elections.  Many Americans of hispanic descent
want to be treated like the capable, intelligent, and industrious
people that they are. They don't want government handouts,
they don't want laws guaranteeing them a job, a career,
an education, a home, or that other Americans will like them
and not treat them in a mean way. They prize liberty and
individual freedom and reject government intrusion into the
economy, the workplace, and their private lives, just as many
Americans of all ethnicities do.They don't want to hear from
Washington "Hey, you folks can't make it without our help;
you're too feeble of mind and/or body or whatever! Big
Government is your pal, your protector! Vote accordingly
in each election and you'll be A-OK!"

Hispanics don't want to be told that because they are of
a certain ethnicity that they must belong to a certain political
party and vote that party's staright ticket, and to run on that
ticket if they seek elected office. They don't want to be gathered,
psuhed, pulled, herded, labeled, programmed, or numbered!
Neither do most other Americans for that matter! Hispanics
just want to be left alone to be able to build and live their lives
and careers as they see fit, to pursue The American Dream in
their own way. They certainly don't want to be discriminated
against, nor do they want to be coddled, to be protected from
the vagaries and vicissitudes of life. The reason why we don't hear
of more Americans of hispanic descent embracing conservatism
is the same reason why we have yet to see the full number of
black Americans and other ethnic and racial groups doing same;
you liberals savage them far more than you do white Americans 
for being politiclally conservative. You have long tried to herd all
such groups of Americans onto their political plantation, and
make them permanent constituencies, ever dependent upon you
and the government programs which you create to ensure that
dependency. This in turn ensures the votes that you liberals need
to gain and maintain power at all levels of government.

So of course, Harry, when you and other left-wingers
encounter a citizen who is on the right but not white you
become confused, scared, angry, and hateful. Then we see
you left-wing people, who proclaim yourselves to be without
racist sentiments, to be post-racial, show just how racist you
are. After all, you are the same people that want to make racial
and ethnic groups in our country unable to advance in society 
and in life without your so-called help!

So, Harry, you see now (at least I hope you see now) that
instead of being of assistance, of being of service, to hispanics
and other ethnic groups of Americans, you elitist pigs that make
up the Democrat Party and that have made our government your
tool have been a hurt and a hindrance to them! They are sick of
being taken for granted by you all, especially at election time!
They are sick of being treated like little children who can't blow
and wipe their own noses! And that goes for the rest of us as well!

The race card is maxed out, Harry. And so is the patience
of the American people. We're taking back our government
and entrusting it in the hands of people who will exercise 
constitutionally mandated restraint in governance.  And who 
will make our government serve us all in a truly equitable manner.
Dust off your resume' and update it, Harry. Come November,
you're going  job hunting!


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