Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What We're Up Against

August dog day greetings to you, my beloved readers!

I have some videos for you that are guaranteed
to make your blood boil. Just what you need in the
middle of summer, to be hotter on the inside than you
are on the outside, I know, but these videos have a
worthwhile purpose. I have two videos that have
appeared on YouTube featuring U.S. Rep. Fortney
"Pete" Stark, D-CA, showing him at some town hall
meetings the 13th Congressional District of California,
which he hails from. This arrogant, ivory tower-dwelling,
hyperelitist pig has been in Congress for over 30 years(!)
and God knows why; this jerk is the embodiment of the
term "out of touch" --- he's out of touch with the needs,
concerns, and wishes of his constituents, out of touch
with the economic and political realities that we as a
nation are grappling with, out of touch with reality itself!

The first of these videos show his grasp (HA!) of the
Constitution and its restrictions on what the federal
government can do. The second video shows Stark
proclaiming our country's borders to be "quite secure".
The third has him stating that "the more we owe, the
wealthier we are"(!!!!!!!!!!). Guess who flunked
Econ 101? And see Stark angrily lash out at his
constituents as they challenge his inane musings on
the burning issues of the day!

Prepare to be enraged like you have never been enraged

"The Federal Government Can Do Most Anything In
This Country"

"The Borders Are Quite Secure"

"The More We Owe, The Wealthier We Are"

This, my fellow patriots, is what we're up against.
This is why we have to get out and attend out Tea
Party rallies, our town meetings, and our political
conventions! This is why we have to work to educate
our fellow citizens as to what our elected representatives
are doing in office! This is why we have to find worthy
candidates for public office to challenge these poultroons
and oust them once and for all, and work to get them
elected! Stark is not unique, and he is not alone. We must
are to preserve our country and its freedoms, its
prosperity, its strength, and our very way of life!

I'll have more videos of these self-important nitwits
to share in the weeks ahead. In the meantime, do
not lose heart. We The People have the upper hand!
We have the momentum! And we shall prevail!


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  1. NOTE: There is a technical problem on
    YouTube's end which is preventing the
    first and third videos of Rep. Stark
    from immediately loading. Here's how
    to overcome it: just enter Stark's name
    into YouTube's browser and click SEARCH.
    Then, you'll see a list of videos
    featuring Stark; simply select the
    videos that have the given subject
    titles by clicking on them, and view.
    The Peasant hopes that no one has
    been inconvenienced by this glitch.