Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Peasant Takes Another Breather

Hi everybody!

Your favorite Peasant is in need of a little time off
once again. I have a truck load of stuff coming at me
in the coming week, and will therefore be unable to
get together with you, my beloved readers until the
following week.

For a start, I have been working for a friend who
owns a landscaping enterprise, and will have a day
or two of work with him this coming week. Normally,
this would have no impact on my posting schedule,
but from Thursday, 8/19 through Sunday, 8/22 I shall
be at the Milwaukee Irish Fest. There, I'll be wearing
three hats; those of festival volunteer, musical performer,
and festival attendee. I am a member of the Milwaukee
Irish Fest Song Circle, and we sing in concert at our
Irish Fest every year, customarily putting on two shows
each festival; one on Saturday, one on Sunday.
As a volunteer, I shall be selling CDs and DVDs at a
booth by one of the music stages on Friday 8/20.
I did this last year as well as sing with the Circle.
Additionally, I shall be getting together with some
local friends and with some cousins from out of town
(one from the Emerald Isle itself!) at Irish Fest. This is
one of the ways in which your wonderful Peasant
celebrates the Irish part of his heritage; I am also
English and German; Minor is an English name.

So many thanks to you, my loyal readers, for both your
understanding and your indulgence! We shall get together
again in the final week of the month to sift and sort through
the political news to see who's been naughty and nice, to
commend and support the former and to castigate and
rebuke the latter --- and have a ball doing it all!


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