Wednesday, September 29, 2010

At Last; The Conclusion of Our Discussion With Dudley Sharp Re: The Death Penalty

Hi everyone,

After a long discussion with Dudley Sharp, internationally
known advocate of capital punishment, including as to how
to proceed with showcasing our conversation on the merits
and detriments of same, Mr. Sharp expressed some reservations
with having our exchange posted here, as the format was not one
in which he was comfortable with after all. He did, however,
inform me that he did an exchange in this fashion ten years
earlier with Eric Zorn, a political columnist for the Chicago
Tribune, and he graciously gave me the link to it to post here
for you, my loyal readers, to view. As we never did conclude
our own exchange on this subject, I shall instead post this link
that Mr. Sharp provided.

It is not your fair-minded Peasant's desire to make a guest,
be that guest an ally or an adversary, intentionally uncomfortable.
The Peasant wishes to thank Dudley Sharp for visiting this blog,
and to share the discussion with Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune
via the above-posted link. I apologize to Mr. Sharp and to you,
my fantastic readers, for not getting this posted earlier; there were
stories demanding your diligent Peasant's attention along with
your audience which claimed priority, as well as some holidays
and special events. Enjoy the Sharp-Zorn exchange and we'll get
together next week with the latest political news to hash out.


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