Thursday, September 23, 2010

It Was A Very Good Year!

Happy First Anniversary everybody!

Your beloved Peasant has been wielding his Pitchfork for all
of one year, sticking it to the elitists, the liars, the false friends
and allies, the spineless, and the sellouts on our political scene
in the service of the cause of conservative/libertarian political
thought and its byproduct --- clean, constitutional, limited,
ethical government. Your favorite Peasant has given support
to true conservatives, while announcing and celebrating the
successes of the fledgeling Tea Party Movement. And I have
enjoed every minute of sharing with you, my beloved readers,
my observations, thoughts, and opinions on the political news
throughout this exciting inaugural year of Peasant With A
Pitchfork! Your wonderful company on this journey made it
all the more joyful!

During these past twelve months we have watched the birth of
the biggest populist movement to come along since the one which
led to the birth of our great country; the Tea Party Movement,
inspired by the movement of over 200 years ago to create an
independent, sovereign nation, answerable to no monarch or
dictator, an unheard of undertaking in its time, is the reaffirmation
of the principle of government of, by, and for the people as
opposed to that of, by, and for an arrogant, self-serving elite
like we have now. The self-styled elites in both major political
parties have been put on notice that We The People won't take
any more of their BS! We Tea Party Activists led the charge to
oust liberal and moderate Republicans from office in Congress
and in state legislatures during the party primaries --- Democrats,
your turn will be on Election Day in November!

In that time frame we have seen the legislative plans of President
Obama and the Democrats defeated or waylaid. Yes, Obama's
socialized medicine plan was apssed and signed, but at least 16
states as of this posting have filed suit to have this legislation
invalidated on the grounds that citizens cannot be mandated by
federal law to purchase any product or service; the Constitution
makes no such provision or allowance. And, the legal process
will tie up so-called Obamacare for a L-O-O-O-O-O-O-N-G
time before a ruling comes down by the Supreme Court, as the
case is sure to be appealed all the way to that lofty nine.

Although I established this blog for a national audience --- as it
is, after all, devoted to observation and commentary on the
American political scene --- your wonderful Peasant has
attracted readers outside the United States! Now I have a
cousin in Ireland and an American friend currently living and
working in New Zealand who follow Peasant With A Pitchfork;
I announced to them the launching of this blog. Recently,
however, I have gained audiences in Canada, Great Britain,
denmark, Latvia, Israel, and China (!). As to the last country
mentioned, I have to wonder just how much of my content is
actually getting through the comrade's censorship filter system.
But at least I know that some of the Chinese people are reading
Peasant, even if it is mostly (or only) their communist govern-
ment's censors! The Peasant welcomes all of you from around
the world to sip the wine of the politics of limited government!
Thank you all, my dear readers, from near and far, for helping
your diligent Peasant make Peasant With A Pitchfork a

In appreciation, The Peasant wants you all to know that you're
all so very special to me. Your loyal readership, your support,
your criticisms, and your praise have lifted me and this blog to
incredible heights! Thanks to each and every one of you, my
humble blog and I have achieved so much more tham I dared
hope for, especially in this my blog's first year! A publication,
any publication, be it in print or online, is nothing without a solid,
loyal, interested readership. You are the secret to this very
publication's, and my, success! May your faithful, humble
Peasant never cease to prove himself and his Pitchfork worthy
of your support!

To quote the late, great Frank Sinatra, "It was a very good year!"


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