Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Tea Party Heats Up Alaska

Your wonderful Peasant brings wonderful news!
Conservative challenger Joe Miller, Tea Party pick,
won the Alaska Republican Senate primary gaining 
the party's nomination to run in the general election in
November booting RINO Sen. Lisa Murkowski! It was
a real nail-biter, but after the ballot votes were counted
and the votes from Alaskans outside of the state, particularly 
those in our military were starting to be tallied, the trend
began looking ominous for Murkowski. She wisely and  
graciously conceded the primary to Miller, a West Point
alumnus and U.S. Army veteran.

Note to RINOs and your candidates: this is what shall continue
to happen to you in the primaries to come! We in the Tea Party
Movement cleansed Congress of your ilk in GOP contests
throughout this election year, replacing you elitist stiffs with
principled, committed, contitutional, conservative candidates
who will not be mesmerized by the beltway's siren song of
clubby, comfy isolation from the people. We shall make the
Republican Party the vehicle for conservatism and its hallmark
of limited government once again, and ride this vehicle into
battle against the Democrats and their vehicle for massive
government, assaults on our liberties, and endless confiscation
of the fruits of our labors to fund their statist programs and to
line their pockets and those of their cronies! We want no more
of Republicans who want to get along by going along and thus
enable the Democrats in further turning government into their
very own empire! We want a party which will fight for us, not
fight us! We want to have ONE political party in this country
which will be our political home, our haven, and our means of
effecting REAL change, not the "change" that Obama has foisted
upon us, and not offer us a somewhat watered-down version
of what the Democrats have crafted!

RINOs, your days are numbered. Soon, you will be but a foot-
note in the history books of our country's politics and nothing
more. And after we Tea Partiers toss you onto the scrap heap
of history we're going to do the same to the Democrats and the
entire putrid liberal establishment!


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