Saturday, October 30, 2010

Let's Play a Trick on the Left (And Treat Ourselves To Victory!)

Hello, my fabulous readers!
Happy Halloween to you and
your precious little trick-or-treaters!
That big candy-gathering day is tomorrow!

One more visit together before Election Day.
Did you all mark November 2 on your calendars?
Excellent! Have you all made transportation
arrangements for getting yourselves, your families,
your friends, and your neighbors to the polls?
Fantastic! Have you all done your homework
on the candidates to learn what they stand for,
what they are running on, who is supporting them
and for what purpose(s)? Super! And, most importantly,
have you all registered to vote? No?

Not to worry, you can register at your polling places.
Just bring a valid driver's license or state photo ID,
and perhaps a billing statement from your utility
company or telephone service provider to prove your
residency. You can also bring a licensed voter who
can vouch for you if you don't want to bring one of
these bills with you. Now you're all set to vote in
the candidates who will restore constitutional governance
and sanity to our government, and vote out the elitist
pigs who think that the Constitution is an outmoded,
obsolete antique which should be scrapped, that We
The People are know-nothing backward peasants
who should be dictated to rather than listened to,
that think an encroaching, micromanaging, nanny state
is the best form of government for our country.

Although it is always imperative to turn out to vote in
every election, there is more, much more at stake in
this election. We have what may be the last opportunity
to change the direction of our government, our economy,
our society, our country back from the precipice overlooking
the statist chasm that President Obama and his fellow
Democrats, along with some renegade Republicans ---
the RINOs --- have taken us to. We may, as a nation,
have voted for change after the letdown of the Bush
administration, but not at all for the kind of change that
Obama and his pals have foisted upon us! If we vote out
Obama's bunch from power in both houses of Congress,
and the latest prognostications have this being almost a
certainty, we can neutralize Obama so that he cannot ramrod
further radical programs through Congress which would
further plunge us into debt, expand the deficit, shoot taxes
ever higher, and clamp down on our economic and personal
liberties. Then we will have an easier time in getting rid of
The Annointed One, as radio & TV conservative talker
Sean Hannity referrs to President Obama. We will show
the liberals that their emperor has no clothes! It shall be
a splendid Halloween trick, just a couple of days after
the day for tricks and treats, to perpetrate upon the
trickster who conned us with "change" of a kind that we
didn't want nor intended to vote for!

The other side will not go gentle into that good night, however.
In recent national elections they have resorted to illegal means
of attempting to ensure victory for their candidates, which have
included many kinds of vote fraud, voter intimidation (case in
point: the Black Panthers standing in front of polling precincts
in Philadelphia, harrassing people coming to vote), even 
discounting ballots cast by our brave military service members
in Iraq and Afghanistan! This year, some states have even
dragged their feet in getting ballots sent to our military folk
so that if some of them haven't received them by now, it will
be too late to get the ballots into their hands in time for
November 2, thus disenfranchising the very people fighting
to defend our freedom!

But our right to vote, to determine the leadership and the
direction of our government, has been secured for us at a
terrible sacrifice over 200 years ago. Some of our early
countrymen died to gain that right for us, many of them
knowing that they may not live to exercise this right
themselves. We have inherited a precious legacy, we have
received a tremendous gift, paid for with the very
blood of former colonists of the British crown who had
had enough of being treated like subjects and wanted to
be sovereign citizens. And now we have the opportunity
to vote out a gaggle of wayward elected officials who
are treating us in this same shabby, disrespectful fashion.

In voting on November 2, we will not only change the
makeup and course of our government, we will also be
thanking our forefathers for their frightening undertaking
and accompanying sacrifice. We owe it not only to ourselves,
but to them, to vote, and to cast our votes wisely.

See you at the polls!

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