Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Evening With Ben Stein

On Monday, October 25, I seized the opportunity to hear Ben
Stein; author, speaker, conservative activist, speechwriter for 
President Richard Nixon, columnist, actor, talk show host and
game show emcee; a human whirlwind and a renaissance man!
Ben Stein one of my favorite conservatives, nay, one of my 
favorite PEOPLE in all the world, and I heard him give a talk 
at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee campus. I even got
to meet him afterward, and told him about myself and this blog. 
He asked me to e-mail the link to him at his e-mail address, which
I have already done! Your favorite Peasant is becoming known
in lofty circles!

I also happened across a fellow whom I met at a tea party rally last
year, just after he announced his candidacy for Congress. Con-
servative Republican Dan Sebring is challenging incumbent
U.S. Representative Gwen Moore (D) and is posing a serious
challenge to the seemingly entrenched Democrat. I chatted with
Dan at both of these events and found him to be a dedictaed
conservative who will be helpful in rolling back President Obama's
radical programs and stop Obama's other ideas from coming to 
fruition. Dan is boldly challenging an incumbent situated in the
very Democratic 4th Congressional District; make no mistake,
this district is no bastion of conservative politics!

But if enough of you "right-minded" folk come out to vote
for Dan Sebring on Election Day (November 2), a historic
achievement will be realized, and a stern message will be sent
to left-wing members of Congress that NONE OF THEM 
are safe from the citizenry which they have ignored and
scorned since Obama entered the White House! It is
imperative that we, my loyal readers, turn out to vote
for our constitutionally-dedicated candidtaes next week,
whether they are running in conservative districts where
victory is a certainty, or in liberal districts, where they
face an uphill battle. We cannot, must not, concede ANY
office, ANYWHERE! We have to build astrong conservative
majority in both houses of Congress in order to handcuff
Obama for the final two years of his term (which we shall
endeavor to make his only term!) and to begin to shape our
country's government, its direction, and our country itself
for the years ahead.

Your diligent Peasant shall make every attempt to address
you, my fantastic readers, once more before Election Day.
Meanwhile, mark November 2 on your calendars; it's our
political D-Day!

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