Friday, October 15, 2010

The Peasant's Christmas Season Plans

Hi everybody!

Your faithful Peasant wants to let you know that once again
I shall engage in Christmas season employment to better make
ends meet. As with last year, we'll still get together at this site,
but I will not always be able to post on Wednesdays or on
Thursdays as I customarily do due to what my work schedule
will portend. Of course I shall make every endeavor to post
each week; if some weeks even this proves to be impossible,
this too shall be due to the demands of my schedule.

To borrow a phrase from one of our country's foremost
conservative radio talk show hosts, Sean Hannity, "Let not
your heart(s) be troubled." We'll still have our fun examining
the political news stories of the day, especially the results of
Election Day (November 2) when we shall celebrate the
smashing victory we will have achieved over Obama's
Democrat pals and their RINO stooges in Congress
and elsewhere around the country! Your beloved Peasant
shall be close by!

In the meantime, do vote on November 2, won't you?
This election is one of the most important elections
that we as a nation have ever had, for we have the
opportunity, the duty, to defang the monster that is
Barack Obama by voting out his allies in Congress
as well as like-minded officeholders in state legislatures
and governors' offices. That will weaken the statist
Obama in terms of the damage he could further wreak
upon our economy and our liberties; two years later
we'll vote out Obama himself and have done with this
nightmare! If you don't vote on November 2, you will
deeply regret it in either of two ways: by not contributing
to the successful effort to take back Congress (and some
other elected offices as well) or by contributing to the
failure to reclaim these offices, thereby giving Obama
a second wind, all because you didn't vote. You then
shall feel either pangs of envy or feel suffocating sorrow,
depending upon the outcome of the day.

Don't let that happen! If you haven't registered to vote,
go to your city, town, or village hall and register! It takes
just minutes to do, and all you need is a valid photo ID
proving your residence and/or a telephone or utility bill
for same, depending on the laws in your community or
state. Some places will accept a resident in your community
to come and personally vouch for you, as long as that person
has the aforementioned documentation. Then, on the
appointed day, go to the polls and vote! It's as simple
as that!

Let's make this election day a day that we shall always
remember and cherish!


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