Wednesday, November 3, 2010


We did it gang!

We prevailed in yesterday's election, giving no quarter
and showing no mercy! We made our voice so loud
and clear that we could not possibly be ignored this
time! Now the Democrats and the RINOs will HAVE
to listen to us, to take us seriously, to show us some
respect (and perhaps a little fear as well). We showed
them who's boss!

In Congress, the House of Representatives is no longer
in Nancy Pelosi's claws; the Republicans gained over 50
seats there. Some speculate that Pelosi may step down
as the Democrats' leader in the House so as not to lead
what is now a minority in that chamber; others think that
she may call it a career and leave Congress (better yet!).
The Senate, unfortunately, is still under the Democrats'
control, but with at least six less seats; now they can't
rely on one or two RINO senators to vote with them
to sustain a filibuster. Obama must have been making
a breakfast of his fingernails this morning!

We put some solid conservatives into the governors'
offices in more than a few states, along with GOP
majorities in those states' legislatures to accompany
them, my home state of Wisconsin being one such
state. Scott Walker, Milwaukee County Executive
and Republican candidate for Governor, won the
office defeating Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett
quite handily. We Badger State folk sent Scott
a Republican Assembly and Senate both to help
him in his work to restore our state's economic
good health and to make businesses and jobs
welcome once again. Also, we sent U.S. Sen.
Russ Feingold (D), archliberal, hyperelitist pain
in our backside packing in favor of Republican
Ron Johnson, Oshkosh business owner and rookie
candidate for elected office. Ron Johnson certainly
understands the concept of responsibility for the
income and expenditures of money and accountability
for same, a concept that Russ Feingold failed to grasp
during the three terms he had as senator.

Before the weekend your diligent Peasant shall give
some in-depth examination of the most-watched races
and also provide some numbers and percentages. Some
races are still not settled, and one race in particular might
not be settled for quite a few days, that being the Alaska
U.S. Senate race between incumbent and write-in spoil-
sport Lisa Murkowski and Republican nominee Joe Miller.
The Democrat candidate finished a distant third, well behind
the contentious pair, so that candidate is not a factor here.
Therefore the wait for just a couple of days for the juicy
details of the election results.

But in the meantime, rejoice and be glad! We have taken
that crucial first step to reclaiming our government and our
country from Obama & Co. We have neutralized the almighty
Obama. We have defanged the monster. We have made his
quest to turn our country into a western European-style nanny
state a whale of a lot harder. Many of his cohorts on Capitol Hill
have been fired by We The People, the REAL boss around here.

See what happened last night, Barack?  YOU'RE NEXT!


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