Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The GOP-Led House Gets Down to Business

As soon as the brand new 112th Congress convened,
the newly-elected republicans now in charge of the
House of Representatives followed through on one
of their campaign promises; they drafted and passed
a bill to rescind Obamacare, the governmental take-
over of the entire health care industry, which would
bring approximately one-sixth of the nation's economy
under Washington's control. The measure passed 245-
189 with all of the House GOP and three Democrats
voting for the repeal.

Yes, your observant Peasant realizes that the repeal
bill will get swatted down in the Senate, and even
if by some miracle the bill did make it through this
hostile territory it would meet the veto of President
Obama, followed by an unsuccessful attempt to muster
the two-thirds majorities in both chambers to override
Obama's veto. But the House Republicans' actions are
not at all an exercise in futility.

First, the new GOP House majority has established
itself as being faithful to their constituents in keeping
a major campaign promise. Repealing Obamacare was,
for many of the Republican newcomers, the main item
on which they ran. All that they needed to do was to do
what they were able to do at the time to keep their
promise, and they have accomplished this task.

Second, it was crucial for the House Republicans to
keep this issue in front of the public lest it be obscurred
by other issues before both the public and Congress and
fade from view. This vote did just that.

Third, the vote put ALL House lawmakers on record.
Some House Democrats voted against passage of
Obamacare last year but voted against its repeal,
and now their constituents will know about their
flip-flops. Furthermore, the constituents of any
Democrat senators who may also make an about-
face on Obamacare will discover their senators'
shennanigans. And then there's the matter of Presi-
dent Obama's quest for another term; all of this will
make a dandy sequel to the 2010 elections.

Fourth, Obama and the remaining Democrats received
a shot across their bow, warning them that the newly-
elected Republicans mean business, that they will not
be pushovers, that they have no intention of going along
to get along in Washington. These GOP freshmen are
making it known that they are serving the people, not
the Washington beltway set, nor powerful special inter-
ests who receive their sustenance at the public teat,
and certainly not the so-called "mainstream media",
all of whom regard We The People as a mob of stupid
peasants and clueless yokels who should be dictated
to rather than listened to.

This demonstration of intent, commitment, and determi-
nation will make them a dangerous force to be reckoned
with. Democrats and RINOs alike would do well to take
this challenge to their political supremacy seriously.


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