Friday, February 11, 2011

This is All We Need!

This just in:

My wonderful readers, another Republican politician
has behaved in a way contrary to what the GOP holds
as its principles and values. U.S. Rep. Christopher Lee
(R-NY) resigned from Congress on Wednesday, Feb-
ruary 9 after word got out that he placed personal ads
in the online classified site Craigslist, reportedly having
sent images of himself to an allegedly single 34-year-old
woman in the "Women Seeking Men" section of the site.

Advertising himself as a divorced "lobbyist" (Lee is in
fact married) and a "fit fun classy guy", the newly resigned
congressman posted pictures of himself shirtless and flexing
his muscles after the woman and Lee proceeded to exchange
flirtatious e-letters. But the woman checked out Lee with an
online search and discovered that he had lied about his age
and occupation, and forwarded her correspondence with
the lying congressman to Gawker, a web site that specializes
in expose' stories.

On Wednesday the eighth Gawker broke the story, posting
both the images and the correspondence. Later that day Rep.
Lee announced his resignation, publicly confessing his

Folks, your faithful and principled Peasant posted an article
on this sort of misbehavior by ostensibly conservative
Republicans shortly after launching this blog. This is just
the type of thing that has eroded the confidence in the
Republican Party and its politicians that the electorate
has held, and was one of the reasons for the party's crushing
defeats in 2006 and 2008. Supposedly conservative GOP
office holders, swearing their fealty to family values and
the sanctity of marriage, preserving the foundational
elements of society and such, carrying on in ways that
would make the most ardent liberal blush. Conservatives
while on the job, libertines when off duty. THIS WON'T DO!

This scandal is coming at a time when the GOP is beginning
to win back the trust of the people after chucking their long-
time principles, having made historic gains in last year's
elections in Congress and across the country. At a time
when it is so vitally important to conduct themselves in the
way that they had promised, both politically and personally,
this overgrown frat boy pulls this shenanigan! Just after
getting re-elected to a second term in the House, the stupid
jerkwad gets caught in a compromising position and retreats
from his job, leaving his constituents in the lurch, and
causing great pain and anguish to his family. Not a poster
boy for family values, would you say?

We cannot allow our conservative GOP public servants
whom we elected commit such hypocritical acts! We must
inform them that we shall not tolerate such behavior from
those from whom we expect and demand better! Personally,
your exasperated Peasant is sick and tired of hearing about
these wayward poltroons getting caught in scandalous
situations! I have run out of patience with those who boast
of conservative, hearth and home credentials while carrying
on like Hugh Heffner wannabes! I said it before in this very
blog, and I shall say it again here and now --- message to
alllegedly conservative Republican politicos: Don't just
talk the talk, WALK THE DAMN WALK!!! If you can't
do that, then pack it in and go home! We will not support
you in your quest for election if you fail to comport
yourselves to the standards that you claim to uphold.

It would be a tragedy of epic proportion if we conservatives
were to see President Obama's political fortunes revived along
with those of the Democrat Party, not because of anything
brilliant that they did, but because of something monumentally
stupid that our people did.


NOTE: Next week I may not be able to post an article to share
with you, my loyal readers, due to some commitments that I have
at that time. If I can be with you at all in the coming week, then
certainly I shall. So in case time shows your lumbered Peasant
no mercy, we shall meet again right here, in the week after next.
Thank you, my grand readers, for your understanding!

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  1. Keep up the great work Mark. You have an excellent blog.

    Pat Migliaccio

  2. Thanks, Pat! By the way, in case you, my
    sharp-eyed readers, noticed that my friend
    began his comment with "Anonymous said..."
    but still signed his name to it, he was just
    employing a measure to ensure that his
    e-mail address which he sent his comment
    from would not be made public so as to
    protect his privacy. The Peasant respects
    the right of all who wish to post comments
    on this blog to keep their online contact
    information private.