Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Ronald Reagan Centennial

Tomorrow is the 100th birthday of one of the greatest
presidents that our country has ever had; our 40th
president, Ronald Wilson Reagan. Your faithful
Peasant is taking time to remember and honor this
great man for his leadership and his accomplishments
as our country's leader in the 1980s.

Scorned by "establishment" types in both major
political parties, in 1976 Ronald Reagan challenged
the incumbent president at that time, Gerald Ford,
for the Republican Party's nomination to run for the
presidency. It was an unsuccessful but gallant attempt,
with Reagan narrowly losing the nod at the party's
convention in Kansas City. Reagan succeeded in doing
two other things, however --- he sent a warning to the
GOP's establishment smarty-pants that he was a force
to be reckoned with, and he also set the stage for his
next presidential campaign four years later, which
was successful. And we have benefited greatly for
his leadership over two consecutive terms in the
White House.

Among President Reagan's myriad accomplishments
were taming inflation, lowering income taxes for not
just the wealthy but for most taxpayers, and instituting
policies which encouraged entrepreneurship, rather
than discourage. This made for one of the greatest
economic revivals in our country's history. Reagan
also paid more than lip service to our military, re-
storing funding to ensure that they would have the
means at hand to do their job wherever duty required
our people in uniform to go. Also, he restored respect
to our military which had been eroded greatly since
the Vietnam War. And President Reagan was the first
president to speak up for the right to life of unborn
babies in the United States, coupling his words with
signing legislation into law which, while not eliminating
legalized abortion on demand, had in fact restricted the
occurrence and the number of abortions. I could easily
go on, but I would be typing the list from now until
my own centennial.

But let me close with this last one: President Ronald
Reagan won the Cold War by, without firing a single
shot or dropping a single bomb, forcing the Soviet Union
to capitulate in the arms race between the United States
and this erstwhile superpower, thus also quashing the
latter's quest for world domination. Remember the pro-
nuclear freeze rallies and the general protests against
President Reagan? How about the claims that he would
get us killed in a nuclear war? Of all the things that the
Left has gotten so wrong, this has been their greatest
screw-up to date! And note that Reagan accomplished
this NOT by apologizing for our country being a world
power, but by demonstrating that our country would use
its power to defend itself and its allies if our enemies
were to continue its aggressive, intransigent behavior.
Contrast this to the actions of our current president.

Oh, for another Reagan. But the one and only has gone
to his reward, so we have to find and elect someone who
is of the same mold, and who will have the steely resolve
to do the things that we need to do to defend our interests
at home and abroad, and to rebuild our economy by inclu-
ding job creators, not ostracizing and punishing them. 
We have just one year. Let's roll!


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