Monday, October 10, 2011

Malcolm Wallop, R.I.P.

A few weeks ago, just before my break to make my move
to my beautiful new home a great public servant and a
fine patriot passed away; retired U.S. Senator Malcolm
Wallop (R-WY), who was a most principled conservative,
died after several years of frail health at the age of 78.

Senator Wallop was a key ally of then-President Ronald
Reagan on Capitol Hill, helping to pass the bill to create
and implement Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative
(mockingly named "Star Wars" by congressional Democrats)
which was pivotal in winning the Cold War with the
Soviet Union, which soon afterward collapsed from
within. To the chagrin of the Far Left, our country won
the long-standing cat-and-mouse game without firing
a single nuclear missle, thus leaving the left-wingers'
"nuclear freeze" movement a discredited laughingstock.
Wallop was also instrumental in rallying support in the
Senate for Reagan's tax cuts and capping the highest
marginal tax rate at 28%, knocking it down from the
obscenely confiscatory rate of 70%, thereby creating
one of the biggest employment booms in our nation's
history; more proof that it is the wealthy among us who
create jobs when they are allowed to keep more of their
earnings, which they invest in creating and growing
their businesses.

Malcolm Wallop was a conservative for all seasons,
for all causes, and for all purposes. Principled without
being rigid, steady without wavering, always marching
forward without first seeing which way the wind blew.
May the conservative politicians of today and in the years
to come follow this man's example. We Americans will
surely benefit from it. Well done, Senator!

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