Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Your favorite Peasant wishes you, my wonderful readers,
a most Happy Halloween! Here's a dandy trick-or-treat
idea: scare the bejesus out of liberals by dressing up as
any of the following:

*Border patrol officers.
*John Wayne.
*Herman Cain (very current, as well as very scary to those
  on the left; a conservative black person! Double trouble!).
*An aborted unborn baby (very gory, very chilling, pierces
  the very core of many leftists; hard-core feminists in par-
*Phyllis Schlafly (the anti-Gloria Steinem).
*The Constitution.
*Ronald Reagan (the lefties' favorite boogeyman!).
*U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio (a conservative hispanic person;
 as blood-curdling as a black conservative!).
*Rush Limbaugh (the left-wingers' "voice of terror"
  on the radio, scaring them with the truth!).
*Mark Levin (exorcises loony lefties from his phone
   line on his radio show with "Get off the phone, you
   big dummy!").

And, last but not least:

*A tax return form as it would look under the "Flat Tax"
  or "Fair Tax" --- in all its stark, cold, chilling simplicity
  and its (GASP!) soft, easy treatment of taxpayers, while
  ruthlessly, mercilessly cutting out dubious deductions
  and loopholes favoring special interests that have been
  favored for too long a long time in Washington D.C.

A veritable "dirty dozen" conservative halloween costumes
guaranteed to freeze the blood of a left-winger right to the
marrow! Enjoy!


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