Thursday, March 1, 2012

Andrew Breitbart, R.I.P.

This morning we have lost a courageous investigative
journalist, advocate of freedom, and champion of
conservatism who broadened and emboldened the
way that conservatives fight for their candidates and
their issues: Andrew Brietbart died suddenly while
out for a midnight walk in his neighborhood. He was
but 43.

Breitbart grew up in West Los Angeles, a citadel of
liberalism close in physical and political proximity
to Hollywood. Although he aopted the politics of his
community, he came to question the logic, the soundness,
and the righteousness of liberalism while railing at its
hypocritical inconsistencies, and became a conservative
in his adult years. He followed this up in creating his
online media enterprises, which includes Big Government,
Big Media, Big Labor, Big Hollywood, and Big Education,
in which Brietbart exposed the very things that caused
him to eschew his early liberalism which he saw in
the behavior of these entities.

Investigative journalism was a forte of Brietbart's work;
he sent two undercover reporters to an ACORN office
to expose the organization's illegal dealings which included
assisting pimps and their prostitutes. ACORN has never
recovered from the monumental setback that resulted in
a loss in funding by the federal government. This is not to say
that mistakes were not made: Brietbart was stung over his
videotape of Shirley Sherrod, a black woman who worked
for the Department of Agriculture (USDA) in the South, speaking
at an NAACP dinner in which she told of her being loathe
to help a financially distressed farmer who happened to be
white. The videotape that was produced by Breitbart gave
the impression that Sherrod was in the employ of the
aforementioned department at that time, but in actuality
she was not so employed then. Brietbart made a correction
pointing this out on his website, but his reputation took a
hit --- a considerable one.

However, Andrew Brietbart will be best remembered for
his doing the work that journalists are supposed to do and
should be doing, but for the most part are not. Andrew
Breitbart worked for himself, not for any news organization,
making it impossible for anyone to pressure his employer to
curb Brietbart's journalistic questing. He was his own man;
he took the roses and the bricks, the praise and the condem-
nation, the admiration and the loathing. And through it all,
he continued to bring to us the truth about our main insti-
tutions which we have a right to know, a right which he
acknowledged but the so-called mainstream media arro-
gantly scoff at.

Andrew Brietbart leaves behing a grieving wife and
four grieving children, as well as many greiving admirers.
Rest in peace, Andrew. Your work shall continue.

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