Monday, March 12, 2012

Saint Patrick's Day Greetings!

Your increasingly busy Peasant is letting you, my fantastic
readers, know that I must take a break this week due to
the most demanding, uncompromising, merciless schedule
that I have had for any given week in recent memory.

For one thing, I shall be engaged in an activity which will
have a tremendous impact on my career prospects. I shall
share the details with you after I complete my career-
enhancing mission, but know for the time being that I
require a certain block of time and must give my undivided
attention to what I have set out to do. But fear not; your
determined Peasant is up to the task at hand!

For another thing, this coming Saturday is Saint Patrick's
Day. Your favorite Peasant being part-Irish, I shall be
celebrating the Irish saint's special day (and the evening
of it) at my favorite local Irish pub, O'Donoghue's Irish
Pub in Elm Grove, a lovely little village near where I grew
up, having lived in New Berlin and later in Brookfield as a
boy. If ever you are in the Milwaukee area, stop in at
O'Donoghue's and enjoy an authentic Irish pub with a
great choice of ales and beers, the big feature being
Guinness ale! If you can come on a Friday night,
you're bound to find some excellent live entertainment
from some local singers and/or musicians performing,
offering some wonderful songs and tunes of The
Emerald Isle. I shall be enjoying the drinks, the food,
the entertainment, and the camaraderie of my friends who
work there and frequent there on the aforementioned days.

So I Shall be with you all again after my work and my play,
with some new stories to share; there shall be more
items on state Sen. Dale Schultz; he's a RINO for more
than just his vote against AB 426, a/k/a The Mining Bill
which would have given the people of northern Wisconsin
reason to stay in their part of the state. I shall also give
my thoughts on the controversy concerning Rush Limbaugh
and the comments he made regarding a certain reproductive
rights activist. There shall also be attention paid to the latest
developments in the Republican race for the party's
nomination to take on President Obama in November's
election. And there shall be some things to say about the latest
developments with the attempt to recall Wisconsin's Governor
Scott Walker. So there shall be a full slate of news
and commentary to look forward to after Saint Paddy's Day!
But for now, your beloved Peasant has to break away.

So enjoy Saint Patrick's Day and take in a parade or visit
an Irish pub if you can! We'll meet back here after the
big day and take on the political and economic news of
the moment!

Slainte! (Pronounced "SHLANJ", it is the Gaelic word
for "Cheers!" or "Down the hatch!")


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