Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Watch This Video; It Speaks for Itself!

My beloved readers, a politically aware friend e-mailed me
this link with a brief description of its subject matter and
related content. Apparently, GOP presidential candidate
Mitt Romney's "Romneycare", his state health care plan
that he got passed and installed in Massachusetts while
he was that state's governor, actually has an individual
mandate requiring one to buy health insurance under severe
penalty or penalties for non-compliance. Romney has
been denying everywhere he has gone while on the
campaign trail that he did not put any such mandate into
his health care plan but this video shows him saying
--- in a PowerPoint presentation no less --- that there
IS a requirement to buy some form of health insurance
under his Massachusetts plan. And the video also has
another surprise; President Obama's Obamacare plan
(the Affordable Health Care Act), although it has a
mandate to buy health insurance, actually has NO
enforcement mechanism, unlike Romneycare! I just
HAD to break away from my career-enhancing work,
which I told you I was going to engage in, when we
last were together at this venue; although I needed
some critical time away from being with you, my
great and grand readers, I just could not wait to get
this item to you, it is that important!

Sound too fantastic, too bizarre, too far-fetched to
be true? Watch this video of the "Rewrite" segment
of Lawrence O'Donnell's "The Last Word" show
on MSNBC. I know, this network is a left-wing
hotbed in TV circles, but the video of Romney
admitting to the mandate in Romneycare back in
his 2008 presidential campaign and his PowerPoint
presentation on his health care plan underscore
his flip-flop on the issue along with his denials in
this year's campaign about ever having had, or had
been in favor of said mandate. And listen to the
revelation of there being no enforcement means
in Obama's health plan; you will wonder why Obama
and the Democrats put this controversial mandate into
their health care program and not have a means of
making it stick!

Anyway, click this link to watch the startling video:

Your beloved Peasant believes that this video puts the
lie to Romney's conservatism and adherence to free
market principles; it seems that his detractors on the
right are right about him after all!

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