Monday, April 2, 2012

Keeping You Up to Date

Your busy Peasant has some exciting news for you, my wonderful
readers; I shall share with you what I have been doing with my
time away from this blog and you all.

I have been working on getting my driver's license! At the age
of 54 I am finally going to drive! Here's how this came about:
I have started doing some part-time work, in addition to my
enterprises (one of which is this blog). I am a part-time member
of the groundskeeping crew at St. Mary's Catholic Church of
the Visitation in Elm Grove, Wisconsin, and have been in this
position since last autumn. It has been put to me that I can be
of even more service to the church in my capacity if I were to
obtain a driver's license so that I can drive one of the pickup
trucks in the course of my duties. As I have been unable
to find any positions in my normal career field (financial
services) or in any secondary career areas, I have cast my
net into other parts of the sea of career opportunities, so I
was offered this work by a friend who is in a prominent
position at St. Mary's. Last week I received my temporary
license, or Learner's Permit upon passing the written
driver's education exam. In the afternoon that same day I
began my behind-the-wheel training under the coaching and
supervision of one of my crewmates who is an experienced,
and of course, licensed driver. After I log the state-required
minimum of 30 hours at the wheel in this manner I can try for
my actual license by taking the road test. I feel like a boy
with a new toy!

In time I shall purchase a second-hand car to get myself
around town with, so I won't have to rely on the local buses
so much anymore. I never objected to riding the buses, but
it's no fun when you're waiting for one in bitter cold or very
wet weather, and even less fun when the bus you need either
comes late or, and this has happened to your intrepid Peasant
on occasion and even just yesterday (!), the bus doesn't come
at all. Besides, it will be a thrill to slip the chain of the bus
route schedules and be on my own travel schedule! And I
can avail myself of fun places to visit that I have needed
a friend with a car to get to. If the place you want to go to
is not on a bus line, if you're without a car and no one can
run you out there then it's too bad, so sad. Furthermore,
there are the career and social functions that I can easily
attend with my own set of wheels!

St. Mary's is even going to assist me in getting a second-hand
car, and of course I will be covered by their insurance when I'm
on the job. Your grateful Peasant wishes to thank his generous
friends at St. Mary's for this life-changing benefit! It is an
example of friends helping a friend and vice-versa; one hand
washing the other. And there is NO GOVERNMENT
PROGRAM involved! The private sector comes through in
grand fashion! We peasants do for ourselves and each other;
it is the American way! Your soon-to-be-more-mobile
Peasant shall keep you, my beloved readers, up to date on
my progress toward my driver's license and my car in the
days and weeks to come. And we shall get back down to
business in a few days with the events in the realm of politics.
A final note: your favorite Peasant shall be, until further
notice, posting on Thursdays or Fridays each week, as my
schedule now affords me this new space of time to get
together with you for our weekly visits. If anything truly
juicy breaks near the weekend I shall post on both
Thursday and Friday! How's that?

Meantime, to my fellow Wisconsinites: tomorrow is the
day of our presidential primary. Do go to your polling
places and vote for the conservative, or as near to conser-
vative GOP candidate of your choice to send against
Obama in November. And if your favored candidate
fails to win the party's nomination, suck it up, set your
jaws, and turn out to vote for the Republican nominee,
whoever it will be, so that we can end the nightmare
that is the reign of the most nightmarish president that
we as a nation have ever countenanced. It is imperative!
We do not have the luxury of hurt feelings over someone
other than our chosen candidates winning the party nod
to head up the ticket when Election Day rolls around,
staying home to assuage ourselves or to quietly protest.
Know this: if you don't vote in November for the candidate
who clinches the nomination then Obama wins! The elitist
pig-in-chief gets another four years to wreak more havoc
on our economy, our liberties, and our lives! We can,
and should, build toward the government we want with
the leadership we want right NOW! We can find
someone whom more of us will find to our liking in
the time down the road; for now, let's concentrate on
replacing Obama with someone with whom we have
more ideas and values which we share, someone who
will at least listen to us when we voice our concerns,
someone who will not be hell-bent on taking our dear
country in a direction in which we do not want to go.
I say this not just for the benefit of my fellow Badger
Staters but for all of my fellow Americans who are
disgusted with the kind of leadership and resultant
government which we are chafing and straining under.

Be strong. Focus on the Big Picture. Stay focused.
And always have confidence!

See you soon!


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