Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Celebrating the Life of a Fellow Peasant

Your favorite Peasant very recently learned about
another peasant --- another peasant who has spent
much of his life championing free-market and related
ideas in his own country, and had been a burr under
the saddle of the totalitarian governments that had
oppressed him and his countrymen in the process.
I just had to share this story with you straightaway.

The National Review, in its latest issue, announced
the passing of one Gabriel Tepelea, a member of the
Romanian center-right Peasant Party(!) which supported
private property rights. The party came into being in the
1930s, and was all but shut down by the Nazis in the
Second World War when they invaded and occupied
Romania, then was further clamped down on by the
communists when they devoured Eastern Europe after
the war's end. Tepelea himself was shipped to the gulag,
languishing there for six years. After the collapse of
communism in that part of the world Tepelea became
the deputy leader and parliamentarian of the Peasant
Party, holding these posts for ten years. Tepelea passed
away after living an incredibly long and adventurous
life, reaching the age of 95 years.

Tepelea's life demonstrates that one can't keep a freedom
-loving person, let alone a nation of them, under one's
oppressive thumb; always a threat to the power of a
ruling elite, we "peasants" shall always take up our
pitchforks in the cause of individual liberty, free markets,
and free minds. And those who desire and seek freedom
shall, sooner or later, rise to the natural state of human
beings; an unfettered, unencumbered existence in which
human rights and human dignity can thrive. It is a
simple yet profound law of nature, which tyrants are 
too ignorant and arrogant to learn.


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