Thursday, May 3, 2012

Some Changes to This Blog

My wonderful readers, your faithful Peasant wants to take
a little time to share with you some news regarding this blog
and its content. There have been some changes made to this
venue on which this blog is posted, and I must inform you
about them.

In recent weeks you may have noticed that there has not been
any links to articles related to the subject discussed by your
favorite Peasant; these links were provided by a service,
Zemanta, which also provided photos to post to a blog.
Google, which owns and operates Blogger, the blogging
venue where this blog is found, decided to discontinue its
utilization of Zemanta and has not so far replaced it with
any other similar service. This means that I cannot post
any article links or photos unless I search for them online
and add the links myself. I have attempted to do this a few
times but the links, for reasons unfathomable to your
diligent Peasant, failed. I shall, of course, continue to
work on this challenge and when I discover a solution to
this difficulty I shall implement it straightaway. In the mean-
time, you can continue to enjoy your humble Peasant's
observations on the latest political and economic news
every week, right here in our usual meeting place.

One day, in the (I hope) not too distant future, this blog
shall be moved to an independent web site where there
shall be a range of features to add for your reading enjoy-
ment, and there shall also be no further instances of your
summoning up this blog only to get some message saying
that it cannot be accessed due to some technical failure
online, causing you to wait for anywhere from a few hours
to a full day to be able to access and enjoy your ever-lovin'
Peasant's musings on things political and economic. Since
Blogger is a free-of-charge blogging site, Google has no
great incentive to fix whatever technical problems crop up
that would affect the ability for me to post my articles,
and for you, my dear readers, to read them. I shall hire
a webmaster to set it up and to maintain it, and we shall
then enjoy smooth sailing (technologically speaking) from
then on. But for now, we shall soldier on with what we
have, and make the most of it. At least the problems are
not that daunting; we can still get together each week and
pick over the relevant news together.

Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding!
You are the most wonderful readers that a blogger could
ever wish for! God bless you all!


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