Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's Now Or Never!

Today's post is dedicated to my fellow Wisconsinites but its message
is for you all, my dear beloved readers. The significance of your
favorite Peasant's home state's recall election, which is to take place
on Tuesday June 5, is rooted in the fact that the ramifications of
this election --- regardless of the outcome --- will affect our entire
country, for years, for GENERATIONS, to come.

In five days from today we Badger Staters will go to the polls to vote
for either of two things for our state: the continuation of the terms
of the fairly and squarely elected governor, lieutenant governor, and
three state senators, elected by a clear majority of the voters, who 
proceeded to do what they promised us that they would do if
elected; the essence of democratically elected, representative
government of the people, by the people, and for the people ---
or the upheaval of said prior election, entailing the disruption of
and terminating the terms of the aforementioned elected govern-
ment officials, advocated and pressed by a noisy, bitter, selfish
crowd of crybabies who are out of sorts because one, the prior
election didn't produce the results they wanted, and two, they don't
like the policies of the triumphant government officials, and thus
demand a do-over of said election. In fact, they even nominated the
same candidate that ran the last time! This election is the most
important election in Wisconsin's history, and may well be the most
important statewide election of any state in our country's history
with what all is at stake.

Your faithful Peasant wants to remind you, my Wisconsin
neighbors, of what we have gained from the leadership and hard
work of our courageous Governor Scott Walker, Lt. Governor
Rebecca Kleefisch, and these three state senators, all six of 
these officials being solidly conservative Republicans. The
senators are as follows:

Sen. Scott Fitzgerald, District 13; Sen. Van Waangaard, District 21;
Sen. Terry Moulton, District 23; and running for the senate seat
in Dist. 29 vacated by a senator who was targeted for recall but 
resigned due to a family crisis is Assemblyman Jerry Petrowski,
also a conservative Republican.

Because of Governor Walker and his Wisconsin Budget Repair
Act of 2011, Wisconsin has benefited in the following ways:

1) The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development states
     that 33,000+ jobs were created since Walker took office.
     in fact, the U.S. Department of Labor confirmed this week
     that Wisconsin has a net gain of 23,608 jobs since Walker's
     first day on the job!
2) Wisconsin's budget currently has a $150+ million surplus, after
     Walker's repairs to it after his predecessor Democrat Gov.
     Jim Doyle left behind a $3.6 billion deficit.
3)  Walker's requirement that public employee union members
      contribute an additional 5.8% toward their pensions and an
      extra 12.6% toward their health insurance premiums have
      not only saved our state's taxpayers lots of money but Walker
      and the legislature was actually able to CUT TAXES as a
      result! Not the rate of increase, mind, but the very taxes
4)  The Budget Repair Act's Act 10 has saved taxpayers over
      $1 billion, according to The Economic Impacts of the
      Wisconsin Budget Repair Act, a report on the results so far
      of the legislation since its implementation.
5)  Act 10 has led to smaller class sizes in public schools while
     allowing the very best teachers to retain their jobs over less-
     qualified and lower-quality teachers having only seniority
     going for them.
6)  The WEA (Wisconsin Education Association) Trust now
      must deal fairly with school districts as it now has to
      compete with private health insurers for union business.
      The free market has returned to Wisconsin's government
      markets, and it's about time!
7)  Thousands of teaching positions have been saved, as well
      as thousands of state government jobs; NO ONE HAS BEEN
      LAID OFF as a result of Walker's reforms! And it has been
      a team effort, with Lt. Gov. Kleefisch and the GOP senators
      and Walker all working together hand in glove.
      Contrast this with what Democrat governors in Illinois
      and California have done, and the results!

Even the staunchly liberal Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has
averred in a recent editorial:

"We see no reason to remove Walker from office. We recommend
him in the June 5 election."

Now let's take a look at Gov. Walker's once-again opponent,
Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett's record as mayor; remember,
his performance as Milwaukee's chief executive will give us
a very good idea as to how he would govern if elected over

1) Barrett raised taxes and raised them often. Businesses have
    left Milwaukee, while businesses from outside of Milwaukee
    have declined to move to or expand into the city.
2) Jobs have, as a consequence, dwindled. Unemployment has
    climbed, with the unemployment rate for blacks, especially
    for black youths, have climbed to atrociously high levels.
3) As mayor, Barrett has done nothing to stop the ongoing dump-
    ing of waste emanating from toilets (your sensitive Peasant
    stated this fact as politely as I could!) into the Kinnickinnic
    River, which then sloshes out into Lake Michigan. Gee,
    isn't it the Democrats and their fellow left-wingers who
    always claim to care so much about the environment and
    protecting dear old Mother Earth? In this, Mayor Barrett
    and his fellow Dems are, in effect, doing to us exactly
    what they are doing to the KK River and some of the
    lakeshore! Your outraged Peasant, for one, doesn't want
    to hear any more propaganda from the lefties about how
    they care more about our ecological well-being than do
    we mean, nasty ol' right-wingers, that's for damn sure!
4) And in keeping pace with President Obama and the latter's
    baseless claims of the GOP waging a "war on women",
    Barrett is accusing Walker and state Republicans of doing
    just that against Wisconsin women, all because Walker
    eliminated some duplicative laws regarding the latitude
    that women in Wisconsin have as far as suing over wage
    discrimination. Wisconsin law still gives women a lot of
    leeway in being able to seek redress in court for this sort
    of treatment, which by the way is forbidden under
    FEDERAL law; Gov. Walker couldn't do away with equal
    Wage law in Wisconsin if he wanted to, which despite
    the hysteric claims of Barrett and the Democrats Walker
    doesn't want to!
5) Finally, although Mayor Barrett and his staff have vehe-
    mently denied doing so, Barrett recently used some of the pro-
    visions of Act 10 to reduce spending and taxes in his city!
    Yet Barrett has, on the campaign trail, slammed Act 10
    at every opportunity! When you look up the word
    "hypocrite" in a dictionary, you'll find Barrett's picture
     alongside the definition of the word! Or you should!

Besides, since Mayor Barrett has not learned from his defeat
at the hands of Scott Walker in 2010, if he is hell-bent on taking
another beating in this recall race our magnanimous governor,
along with We the People, shall be all too happy to accommo-
date him! It will be our pleasure!

However, in closing, your ever-lovin' Peasant wants to further
state that the whole country is watching our beloved Badger
State; all eyes are on us and what we'll do on June 5. We shall
set a historic precedent for not only our state and how our
government shall function, but for other 49 states and their
governments as well. As governor, Scott Walker has brought
our state's budget back into line and have given badly-needed
relief to the over-burdened and spat-upon taxpayers, along
with job creators and school districts. If he is defeated, the
Democrats will turn back the clock on Wisconsin and enslave
her to never-ending astronomic taxes accompanied by
escalating spending, which will include restoring public
employee union members being able to vote themselves raises
in pay and benefits whenever they want, and subsequent
governors and other elected state officials will have no
stomach to try to stop it; they will remember what happened
to Gov. Walker. And the same thing will happen in the other
states. But if we Wisconsinites who love and care for our
state come out in full force on June 5 to vote for Scott Walker
and the rest of the brave Republicans facing this unjust and
undemocratic recall election we can set a happier precedent
for not only our state but for all of the states of our grand
country! And that precedent is that the will of the people
shall not be denied, and that the people shall have a place
at the table regarding ALL fiscal matters; this shall include
how we shall compensate the state workers and public
school teachers who work for us, reminding them in the
process who is the boss and who are the subordinates!

Mark the date on your calendars. Make this your top priority
for that date. Bring your families, your friends, your neighbors,
your co-workers, your golfing pals, your poker-playing
chums, your butchers, your bakers, your candlestick makers
with you to the polls! The only thing that should excuse you
from voting on that day is if you are having life-saving surgery!
Join your conscientious Peasant on June 5 and once more elect
Governor Scott Walker, Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch,
and the other four Republicans in the recall senate races,
and send the Democrats and their grubby pals a message that
they can't possibly dismiss or ignore, and teach them a lesson
they'll never forget!


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  1. It's all hands on deck this coming Tuesday.

    This is the political epicenter of the country. We must beat back the socialist hoards or our nation is lost. There is no room for defeat. We must win on June 5th.