Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Delightful Evening With Dan Sebring

Just before the Fourth of July, your favorite Peasant had
a delightful evening attending a fundraising party for
Dan Sebring, Republican candidate for Wisconsin's
4th Congressional District seat. He'll once again face
incumbent Gwen Moore (D), as he did two years earlier.
The event was held at the Astor Hotel in downtown
Milwaukee, where we enjoyed a live jazz band, a
fine bar, and great party food, along with the company
of the guest of honor the candidate himself. A great
time was had by all! And a beautiful locale to enjoy

Dan is, as you all know, a conservative to his core;
as I have mentioned him several times in this blog.
A staunch believer and adherent to the Constitution,
Dan is opposed to the so-called stimulus spending
of the Obama administration and the Democrats, to
which Gwen Moore is committed in complete lock-
step. He also is adamantly opposed to the Affordable
Health Care Act, a/k/a Obamacare, and the govern-
mental takeover of one-sixth of our economy and
its resultant restrictions on our choices of and access
to health care coverage. Dan believes that we can
have affordable and accessible health care with more
input from the marketplace (which is, by the way,
you and me). Furthermore, Dan is pro-life on abortion,
which is another reason for which he opposes
Obamacare, as the measure would do away with the
Hyde Amendment --- the late U.S. Rep. Henry Hyde's
(R-IL) measure which forbids federal money to be
spent on the provision of abortions. Dan is also a
businessman; he owns and runs an auto garage in
Milwaukee, so he knows what businesses, especially
small businesses, face from Washington ---
endless red tape, endless taxation, endless contempt
for having the temerity to create a money-making
enterprise and a source of employment for workers.
And as a veteran, having served in the Navy, he is
sympathetic to and understands what issues veterans
and their families face.

I could go on until Election Day with all the good
points that Dan Sebring has to offer, but know this:
he has a challenging campaign to unseat a solidly
entrenched Democrat incumbent in a solidly Demo-
cratic district. He ran against this incumbent in
2010 and gathered a sizable minority in votes,
showing that more than a few Democrat voters are
rethinking President Obama's rocket-ride spending,
accumulation of record debt, and stimulus programs
which, despite their hype, yield few if any jobs.
But he still has the hurdles of voters dubious about
supporting a Republican for Congress (or any office
for that matter), and the Democrat's money-raising
apparatus with strong ties to Washington. Therefore,
your humble Peasant is proud to endorse Dan Sebring
in his second quest for Congress from Wisconsin's
4th Congressional District, and I urge you to support
Dan in any way you can; send campaign contributions,
place lawn signs in your yards (if you live in his
district), wear "Dan Sebring for Congress" buttons
as I'm doing, work on literature drops, perhaps host
some fundraising events of your own. And of course,
vote for Dan on the day!

Whatever you can do to help Dan in his bid for
Congress will be greatly welcome and appreciated.
Write checks out and mail in to:

Committee to Elect Dan Sebring to Congress
Address: 6005 West Howard Avenue
Milwaukee, WI  53220

For further information on how you can help Dan,
call (414) 321-3605
or e-mail

Your industrious Peasant will be back with you,
my fabulous readers, as soon as possible. This
month I am having an unrelenting schedule with
many personal and professional committments
to tend to, but I won't be far away for terribly
long! Keep the faith!


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