Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Brief Postponement

As a result of the record-setting heat wave gripping your
favorite Peasant's Milwaukee metropolitan area, and the
effects it is having on my energy and health, I regretfully
must announce that there shall be no posting today. Your
pan-fried Peasant is feeling rather woozy from being out
in this heat and therefore shall postpone my story that I
wanted so much to share with you, my fabulous readers,
until I feel less lethargic and sluggish. Yesterday, the
Fourth of July, Milwaukee saw (and felt!) a new record
daytime high temperature established --- 102 degrees.
The Milwaukee area, and Southeastern Wisconsin for
that matter, used to NEVER get days with 100+ degree
weather; we usually get a handful of days in the 90s
but this weather is straight from hell's furnace! For my
local and statewide readers, as well as my readers who
are suffering horrible heat at this time in other parts of
our great country your thoughtful Peasant has some tips
on how to protect yourselves from the brutally hot
weather: be around air conditioning as much as you
can, be it in your homes, your cars, your places of work,
your houses of worship. Drink lots of liquids --- water
of course but fruit juices, lemonade, limeade, iced tea
(especially iced green tea, which has even more
vitamins), and try to eat something cool and refreshing;
salads, ice cream, sherbets, and yogurts are wonderful,
as are chilled soups such as gazpacho, a light and
enjoyable vegetable soup that you serve chilled
rather than cooked. If you are going to be outdoors
a great deal be where it's shady as much as possible,
and dress lightly. Take along some sunscreen too.
If you are planning on going swimming, you might
prefer an indoor pool where there is some climate
control to keep you comfortable. When you go for
a swim in an outdoor pool, you will still be in the
unrelenting sun and breathing that tortuously hot air,
and that might have consequences for your health.

In the meantime, we'll meet back here as soon as we
can. This heat wave has to end eventually!


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